Thursday, April 29, 2010

a suit for summer

when i wake up in the morning - the first thing i do is look outside the window in hopes of seeing the shining sun. now, i don't let myself get too excited even when the sun is out. i have come to realize that just because the sun is shining it doesn't mean its warm! not in my neck of the woods anyway! so i usually step outside just to confirm my suspicion that bbbrrrrrr it's still too cold outside.

i know its not summer yet but i think it is time to update my swimsuit wardrobe just so i am prepared for when the sun actually shines with warmth. i still have a couple of great suits from last season but there is always room for a few new additions.

kate mack yellow sunkissed one-piece

mim-pi blue ruffle suit gap halter fish print suit flowers by zoe cut out suit submarine polka dot suit kids ink sweet barry vintage suit eberjey paisley halter suit little marc jacobs fishy asymmetrical suit kids ink sprinkle suit elle fresh one-piece catimini stripe suit

sweet potatoes yummy tankini submarine runway halter miss bikini suit catimini blue suit sand n sun blue dot suit kate mack copacabana floatimini funky print halter marese dalva happy bikini juicy couture lagoon

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my boloney has a new name

lately i have been very discriminating when it comes to my diet. foods that i used to like do not seem that tasty anymore (i.e. veggie soup and spinach) and the few things that i want to eat are raisins, prunes and cheese. lots of cheese, all types of cheese. while my palette has been going through this transformation - one food has remained a constant staple in my diet. boloney! or as the europeans refer to it - bologna. but not the traditional kind. you know the one made from all the unmentionable parts and loaded with all kinds of -ites and -ates. my boloney has a new name - and it is called GURMAN! made with all natural pork and devoit of -ites and -ates its the best boloney ever made. and the tastiest too!

gurman naturals bologna at whole foods deli

room seven polka dot blouse

Monday, April 26, 2010

kingston's girl

thursdays are very exciting days in my life! every thursday i go downstairs with my mom to retrieve the mail. i wait for her to take it out of the mailbox and palm through it. there are always a number of letters that cause her to growl but at the end of the stack - my favorite news publication usually appears. i can hardly wait to get my hands on it but i patiently wait for my mom to finish reading through the articles first. she is a news junkie - always concerned about what is going on in the US.

when i finally get the magazine in my hands, i flip though the pages in hopes of finding a picture of Kingston Rossdale (my favorite boy)! he is sooooo cute. almost as adorable as my big brother! i get so excited when i find him! i kiss his picture and even give him my nuki to suck on. the only problem is his style. well actually mine. i have come to realize that if there is a future for us i probably have to transform my style a tad bit. i have to be more edgy! i have to be more punk!

mom-made punk love tank, imps & elfs denim skirt, my brother's studded belt, mom's old tights, morgan & milo metallic mary-janes

doc martens pink boots punk diamond leg warmers ramones lullaby renditions the cure lullaby renditions swarovsky converse sneakers studded black leather belt

Friday, April 23, 2010

a budding shoeaholic

like most other girls (big and small) - i love shoes!!! all kinds of shoes - boots, booties, sandals, flats, mules, slippers and yes even crocs (but only the cute minnie mouse ones). but i have to admit this wasn't always the case.

there was a time in my life not long ago, when shoes were nothing more than pretty objects for me to gnaw on. boy - i am so glad that the uncontrollable desire to chew on everything has finally passed! it was definitely a barrier to rational thought.

now that my mind is clear - my love for shoes has blossomed and just in time for sandal season. so many beautiful designs and vibrant colors. how can a girl choose?

from top
garvalin kids orange flower sandal yoox paddy sandal monnalisa ruffle red sandal aster vargasse sandal blumarine baby rose sandalmonnalisa flower sandal yoox momino sandal pliner juniors purple strap sandal juicy couture "onika" sandal naturino gladiator sandalagatha ruiz de la prada butterfly sandal aster vertige sandalpampili gold strap sandal agatha ruiz de la prada flower sandalpampili teteia sandal buckle my shoe water lily sandal pampili laia sandal primigi manjula sandal kid express elsa sandal pom d'api blu and orange sandal pom d'api purple fringe nubuck zipper sandal du pareil au meme indienf sandal

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

modern vintage

i love the feel of a cotton t-shirt that has been through the wash many many times. soo soft and comfy just like my favorite blanket! unfortunately, by the time my clothes get to this cuddly state, they no longer fit (i am still experiencing a growth spurt). it pains me to have to retire these pieces from my wardrobe but it gives me comfort knowing that some other lucky girl will inherit my vintage. arghhh, sometimes i wish i had an older sister or at least a generous older friend with a closet full of outgrown designer duds. well, i might not have a source for hand-me-downs, but luckily i don't need one any more. i found Misha Lulu!

i love this brand specially their spring 2010 collection. their clothes are whimsical, playful and retro inspired. the aprons are hand painted and the hats are hand knitted by the owner's grandmother. most importantly, the pieces are manufactured from organic cotton which makes the clothes super soft!!! its like getting worn-in hand-me-downs without the vintage stains.

fresh baked bakery t cutie pie skirt

fresh baked cup of tea t baker skirt

bluebird darling dress bluebird pink leggings

photos © misha lulu

Sunday, April 18, 2010

fabulous finds

lately i have been addicted to my mom's laptop. i just want to press a button any button all the time. i know i am not supposed to touch it - but i can't control my impulses just yet. the buttons and the changing pictures on the screen are sooooo enticing! so i wait until the laptop is left unattended. all i need is a second to sprint over to the kitchen table, climb up on the chair and press, press, press!!! sometimes i get really lucky and music appears from nowhere. so i bop my head to the beat and press some more. this last time my mom left the room long enough for me to discover these fabulous finds. i hope you enjoy the the fruits of my mischievous labor. i might be put in time out for this, but 1.5 minutes in the corner (the guideline recommendation by disciplinary scholars without children) is worth it!

1 baker's delight apron 2 deglingos nonos the dog 3 toothfairy and yeti shadow puppets 4 djeco snail and company puzzle 5 italian alphabet flashcards 6 barefoot books listen, listen 7 sleepy owls pillow pouch by alliebeans 8 matryoshka bobby pin set 9 p'kolino klick desk

Saturday, April 17, 2010


on a different note - today is a momentous day in my life! my hair has finally grown long enough to try out new and more adventurous hairdos. no longer am i confined to two hairstyles - the messy natural shag and the single ponytail in the back of my head. now i can wear pigtails! braids, on the other hand, are light years away!

all dressed up

i love wearing summer dresses! they are light, airy and comfortable. but sometimes they can be a bit boring. this season however, you can find a lot of really fun dresses with whimsical prints and playful sequined details. the only accessory needed is a pair of bare feet!

fairy print dress by Paper Wings storybook smock sateen dress by Paper Wings ocean dress by Misha Lulu sweet sorbet smock dress by Tra La La tiny floral dress by Splendid Littles

sage hearts and clovers halter dress by Beary Basics abigail dress by Tocca butterfly dress by Sonia Rykiel lidy kid sundress by Antik Batik honesty print dress by EyeSpy

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

anchors aweigh

i simply cannot wait for summer to come so i can go to the beach, bury my feet in the sand, make sandcastles with my big brother and watch the sailboats on the water! till then, i will spend my days looking out of my window daydreaming.

piped dress by stella mccartney for gap

button-front belted romper by old navy braided top by old navy sailor pants by crazy8 ruffle front one-piece by juicy couture fadette denim sundress by little marc jacobs boots by hunter

Saturday, April 10, 2010

got milk?

i do now!!!! and not the drinking kind. i have been waiting for my issue of Milk magazine to come in for a while and finally its here! for those that aren't familiar - Milk magazine is the french equivalent to Vogue only for kids and without that devil that wears Prada woman. although the magazine is primarily in french - you don't need to know french to appreciate the gist of it. the editorials are amazing!

i can't tell you what the following story is about but i imagine it had something to do with children preparing for a masquerade on the seas. ahh - it's not that important! the pictures are gorgeous and the designers are duly noted. i wish i was sailing too!

photos © milk magazine

Thursday, April 8, 2010

a reason to run to the gap

as much as i love shopping for clothes - i don't particularly love shopping at baby gap. i find their cheesy applique ts and bright pink collections predictable and uninspired. i mean come on now, how many "daddy loves me" t-shirts does a girl need and in how many colors? as a result, i usually turn to baby gap for basics such as solid leggings, tanks and pajamas. now that i think of it - i find a lot more interesting and cuter clothes at old navy, gap's cheaper counterpart. so anyway, as i was trying to explain before my attention was diverted by that cute minnie mouse vintage t-shirt my mom bought me at old navy, i haven't been the biggest fan of baby gap. that however has recently changed!!!!

a couple of days ago as i was strolling through old orchard enjoying the short-lived 80 degree weather, i happened to pass by baby gap. i was immediately mesmerized by the window displays. there was bright yellow and a lot of it! but it was simply the background for the classic but chic clothes created for baby gap by none other than stella mccartney. now, before you think that i am just a tiny tag hag, i can assure you that i am not. i do not own anything bearing a baby versace or baby dior label and probably never will! but the stella mccartney collection for baby gap - i simply adore. the collection is simple, upbeat and colorful! i wish i could have every piece!!! now only if baby gap hires stella on a permanent basis! since i doubt this will happen any time soon - i recommend you run to baby gap now! the collection is bound to sell out and moms everywhere will once again be forced to rummage through the applique shirt stacks for that perfect hot pink "i am hanging with mom" t!

1. leopard graphic raceback tank, braided multi-color belt, destructed boyfriend jeans by gap 2. mercy crochet butterfly sweater, footless sweater tights, t-strap sandals by robeez 3. ruffle top 4. poet top, grandma's flower bloom pin 5. beckett summer jacket, grandma's glasses 6. anchor intarsia sweater dress

Monday, April 5, 2010

piggy painting

one of the greatest things about being a girl is being able to coordinate your nails to you outfit! unfortunately i have been wearing my piggies au naturale for 18 months now because most adult nail polishes have soooo many chemicals in them. its just not safe for little girls like me who like their fingers so much they are constantly chewing on them throughout the day. that is until now! while i was surfing the net trying to find new pics of kingston (he is soooo adorable) i came across this add for nail polish that is as safe and natural as mud. i can hardly wait for the mailman!!!

a color for any mood and every outfit from!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

style abecedarian

this is what happens when little girls pick out their own clothes!

jean bourget leg warmers, polka-dot bow i found at the park and kept, misha lulu stripe skirt, mom's snakeskin belt, oilily appliqué kitty cat sweater, vintage t, blue crystal bracelet, grandma's double strand pearls, gifted patent lace-up boots