Sunday, April 18, 2010

fabulous finds

lately i have been addicted to my mom's laptop. i just want to press a button any button all the time. i know i am not supposed to touch it - but i can't control my impulses just yet. the buttons and the changing pictures on the screen are sooooo enticing! so i wait until the laptop is left unattended. all i need is a second to sprint over to the kitchen table, climb up on the chair and press, press, press!!! sometimes i get really lucky and music appears from nowhere. so i bop my head to the beat and press some more. this last time my mom left the room long enough for me to discover these fabulous finds. i hope you enjoy the the fruits of my mischievous labor. i might be put in time out for this, but 1.5 minutes in the corner (the guideline recommendation by disciplinary scholars without children) is worth it!

1 baker's delight apron 2 deglingos nonos the dog 3 toothfairy and yeti shadow puppets 4 djeco snail and company puzzle 5 italian alphabet flashcards 6 barefoot books listen, listen 7 sleepy owls pillow pouch by alliebeans 8 matryoshka bobby pin set 9 p'kolino klick desk

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