Wednesday, April 21, 2010

modern vintage

i love the feel of a cotton t-shirt that has been through the wash many many times. soo soft and comfy just like my favorite blanket! unfortunately, by the time my clothes get to this cuddly state, they no longer fit (i am still experiencing a growth spurt). it pains me to have to retire these pieces from my wardrobe but it gives me comfort knowing that some other lucky girl will inherit my vintage. arghhh, sometimes i wish i had an older sister or at least a generous older friend with a closet full of outgrown designer duds. well, i might not have a source for hand-me-downs, but luckily i don't need one any more. i found Misha Lulu!

i love this brand specially their spring 2010 collection. their clothes are whimsical, playful and retro inspired. the aprons are hand painted and the hats are hand knitted by the owner's grandmother. most importantly, the pieces are manufactured from organic cotton which makes the clothes super soft!!! its like getting worn-in hand-me-downs without the vintage stains.

fresh baked bakery t cutie pie skirt

fresh baked cup of tea t baker skirt

bluebird darling dress bluebird pink leggings

photos © misha lulu

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  1. Thank you so much! I am glad you like the clothing!