Monday, April 26, 2010

kingston's girl

thursdays are very exciting days in my life! every thursday i go downstairs with my mom to retrieve the mail. i wait for her to take it out of the mailbox and palm through it. there are always a number of letters that cause her to growl but at the end of the stack - my favorite news publication usually appears. i can hardly wait to get my hands on it but i patiently wait for my mom to finish reading through the articles first. she is a news junkie - always concerned about what is going on in the US.

when i finally get the magazine in my hands, i flip though the pages in hopes of finding a picture of Kingston Rossdale (my favorite boy)! he is sooooo cute. almost as adorable as my big brother! i get so excited when i find him! i kiss his picture and even give him my nuki to suck on. the only problem is his style. well actually mine. i have come to realize that if there is a future for us i probably have to transform my style a tad bit. i have to be more edgy! i have to be more punk!

mom-made punk love tank, imps & elfs denim skirt, my brother's studded belt, mom's old tights, morgan & milo metallic mary-janes

doc martens pink boots punk diamond leg warmers ramones lullaby renditions the cure lullaby renditions swarovsky converse sneakers studded black leather belt

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