Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my boloney has a new name

lately i have been very discriminating when it comes to my diet. foods that i used to like do not seem that tasty anymore (i.e. veggie soup and spinach) and the few things that i want to eat are raisins, prunes and cheese. lots of cheese, all types of cheese. while my palette has been going through this transformation - one food has remained a constant staple in my diet. boloney! or as the europeans refer to it - bologna. but not the traditional kind. you know the one made from all the unmentionable parts and loaded with all kinds of -ites and -ates. my boloney has a new name - and it is called GURMAN! made with all natural pork and devoit of -ites and -ates its the best boloney ever made. and the tastiest too!

gurman naturals bologna at whole foods deli

room seven polka dot blouse

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  1. If you like beef bologna- fresh market has organic beef bologna that's pretty good- or my personal favorite- is Best's Kosher all beef bologna. mmmmm