Thursday, April 8, 2010

a reason to run to the gap

as much as i love shopping for clothes - i don't particularly love shopping at baby gap. i find their cheesy applique ts and bright pink collections predictable and uninspired. i mean come on now, how many "daddy loves me" t-shirts does a girl need and in how many colors? as a result, i usually turn to baby gap for basics such as solid leggings, tanks and pajamas. now that i think of it - i find a lot more interesting and cuter clothes at old navy, gap's cheaper counterpart. so anyway, as i was trying to explain before my attention was diverted by that cute minnie mouse vintage t-shirt my mom bought me at old navy, i haven't been the biggest fan of baby gap. that however has recently changed!!!!

a couple of days ago as i was strolling through old orchard enjoying the short-lived 80 degree weather, i happened to pass by baby gap. i was immediately mesmerized by the window displays. there was bright yellow and a lot of it! but it was simply the background for the classic but chic clothes created for baby gap by none other than stella mccartney. now, before you think that i am just a tiny tag hag, i can assure you that i am not. i do not own anything bearing a baby versace or baby dior label and probably never will! but the stella mccartney collection for baby gap - i simply adore. the collection is simple, upbeat and colorful! i wish i could have every piece!!! now only if baby gap hires stella on a permanent basis! since i doubt this will happen any time soon - i recommend you run to baby gap now! the collection is bound to sell out and moms everywhere will once again be forced to rummage through the applique shirt stacks for that perfect hot pink "i am hanging with mom" t!

1. leopard graphic raceback tank, braided multi-color belt, destructed boyfriend jeans by gap 2. mercy crochet butterfly sweater, footless sweater tights, t-strap sandals by robeez 3. ruffle top 4. poet top, grandma's flower bloom pin 5. beckett summer jacket, grandma's glasses 6. anchor intarsia sweater dress


  1. This is awesome! BTW - all stella McCartney line goes on crazy sale at the end of the season. Everything will be 80-90% off :) in February, I spent 3 days visiting every single GAP store in Chicago to make sure I got all the stuff :) And, I dont know about other stores, but the one downtown has shoes, underwear, and pajamas on top of everything else :) Happy shopping