Thursday, April 29, 2010

a suit for summer

when i wake up in the morning - the first thing i do is look outside the window in hopes of seeing the shining sun. now, i don't let myself get too excited even when the sun is out. i have come to realize that just because the sun is shining it doesn't mean its warm! not in my neck of the woods anyway! so i usually step outside just to confirm my suspicion that bbbrrrrrr it's still too cold outside.

i know its not summer yet but i think it is time to update my swimsuit wardrobe just so i am prepared for when the sun actually shines with warmth. i still have a couple of great suits from last season but there is always room for a few new additions.

kate mack yellow sunkissed one-piece

mim-pi blue ruffle suit gap halter fish print suit flowers by zoe cut out suit submarine polka dot suit kids ink sweet barry vintage suit eberjey paisley halter suit little marc jacobs fishy asymmetrical suit kids ink sprinkle suit elle fresh one-piece catimini stripe suit

sweet potatoes yummy tankini submarine runway halter miss bikini suit catimini blue suit sand n sun blue dot suit kate mack copacabana floatimini funky print halter marese dalva happy bikini juicy couture lagoon

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