Monday, May 31, 2010

j'aime la france

i don't know much about france but i know the exact moment i fell in love with it. i was just a baby when my aunt tanya came back from paris with two beautifully wrapped packages just for me. i remember the thrill is my mom's eyes as she pulled the tape off the boxes careful not to cause any permanent damage. the excitement was contagious - i couldn't stop bouncing and waiving my arms in the air. i didn't know what was inside but i knew it was going to be something special.

and boy was it!!!! enveloped in sheets of lilac and baby pink tissue paper there it was. the most gorgeous fall coat ever. it was light green and made out of the softest wool. but what made it so special - was the details. the attention to every seam and every applique detail was impeccable. "sooo french" my mom exclaimed over and over.

the second package caused a similar reaction. hidden inside was a delicate blue floral pant set with red trim detail. i couldn't wait to wear it. and of course i didn't have to wait long. before i could finish my wishful thought - i was already swimming in the top (it was a bit too large at that point) and had one leg sticking out of the pants. it was love at first site!

and this love has continued to blossom through the years (well more like year). i have come to discover that not only do the french make beautiful children's clothing but they are also known for many other things which i happen to love like cheese and bread. and roasted chicken of course and fries. how could i forget fries?

and even though my mom has found ways to get me french clothing without making a pilgrimage to france - i still secretly pray to the fashion gods that when my aunt tanya goes to paris for a visit - she returns with a couple of beautifully wrapped packages just for me!

black tights, french bulldog tee and stripped sweater by gap . vintage artist's red beret

a few of my favorite french designers and brands!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a lunch to remember

i had this amazing meal for lunch today and wanted to make sure i memorialized the yummy concoction here just in case i want to have it again later on.

a glass of milk
a cup of sour cream
some fresh strawberries
string cheese

1. tear the string cheese into pieces and throw them into the sour cream
2. throw the strawberries in the sour cream as well or dip them or a little bit of both
3. mix well
4. eat with a spoon or fish the pieces of cheese and fruit out with your fingers
5. chase with milk

oh i just hope i can recreate this! like dinner time maybe? oooh - and maybe next time - i'll add some boloney.

Monday, May 24, 2010

in bloom

well it looks like summer is in full bloom and so is my paper flower garden!

farrah bow dress . virginia dress . janet playsuit

lonny crochet dress . janet playsuit . virginia dress

mimi & maggie flowers in provence dress

rainbow bright

the weekend started out with rain and i wasn't the only one bummed out. my big brother was right there with me with his face pressed against the window wishing for the rain to stop. he had his annual grand slam festival to go to while i had plans to run around the field and cheer him on. for a while there it looked as if the rain would never go away but just as disappointment was about to set in, it stopped. and then, out of nowhere, bright beautiful colors appeared in the sky!

calypso kids azure dress . stella mccartney for gap purple jeans . elaine et lena petanque lilac dress . little marc jacobs frieda plaid dress . little ella camilla ruffled-tier dress . j. crew wildflower maillot
mini boden clam digger cropped jeans . peace of cake chain reaction dress . janie & jack stripe knit bubble dress . janie & jack bow shorts . gap woodstock top . tea collection hanji floral top
mini boden sporty skort . mini boden pretty swing cardigan . mini boden meadow flowery applique dress . hunter wellies . jean bourget tiny beach floral dress . mim-pi kisses from me to you shorts . dehry kids floral apron bubble dress
j. crew kassia tee . j. rew feisty flutter tank . mini boden petticoat skirt . calypso kids lillian dress . j. crew swirling fleur maillot
twelfth street baby little fish dress . mini boden summer jersey dress . deux par deux sweet n rose baloon dress . j. crew minnow cross-back maillot . juicy couture bubble dress . j. crew rolling ruffle dress
little marc jacobs florida shorts . janie & jack bow sweater dress . marese mathilda dress . mini boden pointelle beret . gap crochet-back dress . tocca dephne dress

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

from russia with love

finally - my daddy's back! and he brought me a couple of exciting things back from russia. i was beginning to think he was never going to come back. i mean - how long can a little girl wait???

so i got this new stuffed toy that i love but i still really don't get what it is. it looks kind of like a furry mouse because it has big ears and kind of like a monkey at the same time. and i can't really tell if it is a boy or a girl. no one seems to know. but that's ok - because i don't have to name it anyway. it has its own name and its called Cheburashka. oh and when i press on it's tummy - it even sings a song in Russian. i guess it is very famous. as famous as Mickey Mouse they tell me. but i doubt it - no one can be as famous as Mickey!

i also got a new matryoshka which i love. its a doll, in a doll , in a doll, in a bigger doll an so on. i love to take them apart and line them up. and then put them back inside one another. but i especially love to hide things in them just to rediscover later. like raisins. oh the excitement of finding stashed raisins inside the wooden dolls is overwhelming at times! my string cheese keeps nice and fresh inside the dolls as well.

oh and speaking of food, my daddy asked my grandma to make him this soup that they eat in russia called borscht. i had it for the first time and boy is it yummy! it was a little difficult to eat all by myself and all, but its was delicious. specially the sour cream on top. i might have had more sour cream than actual borscht now that i think of it! yum - sour cream!!!!

room seven polka dot top . oilily selot plaid dress . dpam birdie socks . robeez mary janes

confetti dress and tights . vintage fabric applique matryoshka house pillow from robinseggblue . matryoshka kitty necklace from craftzoo

marc jacobs silk scarf

oilily faux fur coat . jean bourget floral top . room seven striped tights
oilily sannah dress and tights . cakewalk cabaret sweater . folk art from

Thursday, May 13, 2010

oldies but goodies

so i looked in my old bag of toys and i found a couple of things i can play with. i set of nesting blocks and some squeaky plush toys. but nothing way too exciting. i kind of wish i had found some of these great classics instead!

raggedy ann & andy dolls * fisher price corn popper push toy * the original bozo bop bag * choral top * fisher price chatter telephone * slinky dog * fisher price teaching clock * sock monkey doll * farm animals wooden puzzle

the doldrums

i simply cannot take this weather any longer!!! rain, rain and more rain. i don't know what to do with myself anymore. i played in the puddles for a while, practiced opening and closing my umbrella but now i am just bored at home. all i do is walk around the house swaying my arms side to side. maybe things would be different if i had this book.


but i don't and so the only excitement in my life at this time, is waiting for my daddy to come home from his trip to the motherland. oh i hope he brings me something special!

in the meantime i guess i can spend more time potty training or better yet - maybe i will go through my old bag of toys. hopefully i will discover some old goodies to entertain myself with.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

rained out

i guess it is true - when it rains, it pours! i had so many plans today to go outside and play but when i woke up in the morning and looked outside all i saw was rain! its kind of puzzling to me how it can rain even after the ipod weatherman reported sunny and 79 degrees?

so i moped around the house a bit. played dress up. watched an episode of mickey's clubhouse. and then i realized that i can still go outside and play! because even though its raining - i have the perfect gear to keep me warm and dry. oh i can't wait to puddle stomp in style. thanks jules!

red ladybug umbrella, wellies and raincoat by kidorable

weatherproof raincoat, western chief hello kitty umbrella and wellies
MoMa color spectrum umbrella, elle kids raincoat, western chief chooka tokidoki wellies
trumpette mary jane raincoat, western chief cherry umbrella and wellies
absorba pink polka dot raincoat, western chief butterfly umbrella, kamik kids stomp wellies

Sunday, May 9, 2010

motherly love

i know my mom is an avid art collector so for mother's day i created my own masterpiece just for her. i call it field of flowers. i hope she loves it as much as i love her!

Friday, May 7, 2010

cheap thrills

just like all little girls - i love toys. but my choice in play things has always been a little unconventional. i do like building blocks and bouncy balls but i prefer to spend my time pulling stuff from the drawers and cupboards and playing with all the fun things i discover inside. ah - the wooden spoons, mixing bowls, and all the pretty cans in the pantry. oh and if i can get into the bathroom drawers - it's better than christmas morning! i can spend hours in the bathroom squeezing all the tubes i get my hands on and painting the floor with toothpaste. unfortunately, i never get enough time to finish my masterpieces. someone always finds me, growls, and makes me go play somewhere else. i understand the clean-up might be a little more labor intensive but at least my toys are free!

with springtime i have a discovered a number of new thrills. collecting dandelions and pine cones. throwing rocks and blowing bubbles. and even though chalk is not as exciting as toothpaste - i love to take it in my hand and draw all over the sidewalk!


30-45 blooming yellow dandelions with long stems, your fingernails or a small sharp object

1. using your nail or sharp object make a 1/2 inch long slit all the way through each stem as close to the head of the flower as possible
2. pick the first dandelion to start with. then take another one and insert it into the slit of the first dandelion stem and gently pull through. then take the next one and pull it through the slit of the second dandelion. and so on and on until you have the length you desire.
3. when the dandelion chain is the right length - take the last flower and make the slit a little bit bigger (about 1 inch). fit the entire head of the first flower through it and gently pull it through until tight.
4. wear your wreath!

alternatively - you can braid the wreath like a french braid - adding dandelions as you go along!

materials: a pretty pine cone and some butcher twine
steps: take two pieces of twine equal in length and long enough to make a necklace and tie them around the top of the cone on two sides. to make sure its secure pull the twine underneath the petals. then make as many knots in the string as you desire, tie it around the neck and wear!

some pine cones, moss, any type of clay or play dough, markers, glue

1. take the clay or play dough and make a round head by taking a piece of clay and rolling it in between your palms
2: place the head on the top of the cone
3. draw some eyes, a nose and some cheeks
4. take some moss and make a hairdo
5. glue the do on top of the head
6. play!

twigs, butcher twine, paper and glue

1. take the branches and arrange them in a pretty way
2. tie some twine around the bottom of the branches
3. cut out some butterflies from some paper and glue them randomly on the branches
4. hold the bouquet in your hands or put in a small vase and enjoy!

homemade bubbles
2 1/2 quarts water 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1 cup clear liquid dish detergent
steps: 1. gently mix the water and corn syrup in a large container
2. add the liquid dish detergent and lightly stir. do not over mix or mixture will get too bubbly Solution

homemade wands
just look in the kitchen - potato mashers, wire whisks, cookie cutters, straws, funnels, rigatoni pasta, etc.