Friday, May 7, 2010

cheap thrills

just like all little girls - i love toys. but my choice in play things has always been a little unconventional. i do like building blocks and bouncy balls but i prefer to spend my time pulling stuff from the drawers and cupboards and playing with all the fun things i discover inside. ah - the wooden spoons, mixing bowls, and all the pretty cans in the pantry. oh and if i can get into the bathroom drawers - it's better than christmas morning! i can spend hours in the bathroom squeezing all the tubes i get my hands on and painting the floor with toothpaste. unfortunately, i never get enough time to finish my masterpieces. someone always finds me, growls, and makes me go play somewhere else. i understand the clean-up might be a little more labor intensive but at least my toys are free!

with springtime i have a discovered a number of new thrills. collecting dandelions and pine cones. throwing rocks and blowing bubbles. and even though chalk is not as exciting as toothpaste - i love to take it in my hand and draw all over the sidewalk!


30-45 blooming yellow dandelions with long stems, your fingernails or a small sharp object

1. using your nail or sharp object make a 1/2 inch long slit all the way through each stem as close to the head of the flower as possible
2. pick the first dandelion to start with. then take another one and insert it into the slit of the first dandelion stem and gently pull through. then take the next one and pull it through the slit of the second dandelion. and so on and on until you have the length you desire.
3. when the dandelion chain is the right length - take the last flower and make the slit a little bit bigger (about 1 inch). fit the entire head of the first flower through it and gently pull it through until tight.
4. wear your wreath!

alternatively - you can braid the wreath like a french braid - adding dandelions as you go along!

materials: a pretty pine cone and some butcher twine
steps: take two pieces of twine equal in length and long enough to make a necklace and tie them around the top of the cone on two sides. to make sure its secure pull the twine underneath the petals. then make as many knots in the string as you desire, tie it around the neck and wear!

some pine cones, moss, any type of clay or play dough, markers, glue

1. take the clay or play dough and make a round head by taking a piece of clay and rolling it in between your palms
2: place the head on the top of the cone
3. draw some eyes, a nose and some cheeks
4. take some moss and make a hairdo
5. glue the do on top of the head
6. play!

twigs, butcher twine, paper and glue

1. take the branches and arrange them in a pretty way
2. tie some twine around the bottom of the branches
3. cut out some butterflies from some paper and glue them randomly on the branches
4. hold the bouquet in your hands or put in a small vase and enjoy!

homemade bubbles
2 1/2 quarts water 1/2 cup light corn syrup 1 cup clear liquid dish detergent
steps: 1. gently mix the water and corn syrup in a large container
2. add the liquid dish detergent and lightly stir. do not over mix or mixture will get too bubbly Solution

homemade wands
just look in the kitchen - potato mashers, wire whisks, cookie cutters, straws, funnels, rigatoni pasta, etc.

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