Monday, May 3, 2010

dolls, dolls, dolls

i was trying to put into words how i feel about dolls when i came across this little poem. i think it says it all!

my grandma has a little doll collection that i can't wait to inherit. of course i am assuming the dolls are bound to be mine since i am her favorite granddaughter (and the only one). so far anyway! but given that my uncle often says that my brother and i are all the kids he can handle - i think there is a good chance that i will not have to share the dolls with any other girl. until i get them all to myself, i will continue to go over my grandma's house and visit.

room seven floral dress and pink tulle sammy skirt

there are soooo many dolls that i would love to have! maybe my grandma will even add some to my future doll collection. a girl can dream right? here are some of my favorites! some are play dolls and some are not meant for little hands to handle. but all are gorgeous and handmade!

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