Wednesday, May 19, 2010

from russia with love

finally - my daddy's back! and he brought me a couple of exciting things back from russia. i was beginning to think he was never going to come back. i mean - how long can a little girl wait???

so i got this new stuffed toy that i love but i still really don't get what it is. it looks kind of like a furry mouse because it has big ears and kind of like a monkey at the same time. and i can't really tell if it is a boy or a girl. no one seems to know. but that's ok - because i don't have to name it anyway. it has its own name and its called Cheburashka. oh and when i press on it's tummy - it even sings a song in Russian. i guess it is very famous. as famous as Mickey Mouse they tell me. but i doubt it - no one can be as famous as Mickey!

i also got a new matryoshka which i love. its a doll, in a doll , in a doll, in a bigger doll an so on. i love to take them apart and line them up. and then put them back inside one another. but i especially love to hide things in them just to rediscover later. like raisins. oh the excitement of finding stashed raisins inside the wooden dolls is overwhelming at times! my string cheese keeps nice and fresh inside the dolls as well.

oh and speaking of food, my daddy asked my grandma to make him this soup that they eat in russia called borscht. i had it for the first time and boy is it yummy! it was a little difficult to eat all by myself and all, but its was delicious. specially the sour cream on top. i might have had more sour cream than actual borscht now that i think of it! yum - sour cream!!!!

room seven polka dot top . oilily selot plaid dress . dpam birdie socks . robeez mary janes

confetti dress and tights . vintage fabric applique matryoshka house pillow from robinseggblue . matryoshka kitty necklace from craftzoo

marc jacobs silk scarf

oilily faux fur coat . jean bourget floral top . room seven striped tights
oilily sannah dress and tights . cakewalk cabaret sweater . folk art from


  1. this is the cutest baby girl, ever.

  2. thanks batter and beat!!! your not so bad yourself! and you make yummy treats!