Monday, May 31, 2010

j'aime la france

i don't know much about france but i know the exact moment i fell in love with it. i was just a baby when my aunt tanya came back from paris with two beautifully wrapped packages just for me. i remember the thrill is my mom's eyes as she pulled the tape off the boxes careful not to cause any permanent damage. the excitement was contagious - i couldn't stop bouncing and waiving my arms in the air. i didn't know what was inside but i knew it was going to be something special.

and boy was it!!!! enveloped in sheets of lilac and baby pink tissue paper there it was. the most gorgeous fall coat ever. it was light green and made out of the softest wool. but what made it so special - was the details. the attention to every seam and every applique detail was impeccable. "sooo french" my mom exclaimed over and over.

the second package caused a similar reaction. hidden inside was a delicate blue floral pant set with red trim detail. i couldn't wait to wear it. and of course i didn't have to wait long. before i could finish my wishful thought - i was already swimming in the top (it was a bit too large at that point) and had one leg sticking out of the pants. it was love at first site!

and this love has continued to blossom through the years (well more like year). i have come to discover that not only do the french make beautiful children's clothing but they are also known for many other things which i happen to love like cheese and bread. and roasted chicken of course and fries. how could i forget fries?

and even though my mom has found ways to get me french clothing without making a pilgrimage to france - i still secretly pray to the fashion gods that when my aunt tanya goes to paris for a visit - she returns with a couple of beautifully wrapped packages just for me!

black tights, french bulldog tee and stripped sweater by gap . vintage artist's red beret

a few of my favorite french designers and brands!