Wednesday, May 5, 2010

potty time

so the time has come for me to begin potty training. well, that is what my mom decided anyway. i don't see the necessity just yet! and i actually find the warm feeling of going in my diaper quite pleasing still. i guess i went wrong when i decided to pull at my diaper and imitate some of my brother's bathroom habits. well thats also a conclusion my mom made - that i am imitating and thus exhibiting mental signs of readiness. i just like to pull the toilet paper off the roll and wipe (everything i might add - the counter, my booty, my nose, etc.)!

and even if i am exhibiting these mental signs, what about the physical signs??? i can't hold my pee pee for the requisite amount of time (3 hours) and i don't quite know how to act on the desire to go before anything actually comes out. i mean this is no small fete when you never had to think about this before!

but i guess there is no turning back now. i got a potty, some training pants, a potty doll, some literature and even a cute potty chart. i am set and ready to train! i know this will be a long and difficult journey but the thought of wearing actual underwear will help me along the way. so many styles and designs to choose from! definitely a fashion upgrade from the boring winnie the pooh and cinderella diapers that i have been wearing for 19 months!

baby bjorn potty chair
corolle drink-and-wet emma doll
huggies pull-up training pants

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