Thursday, June 24, 2010

dressing lilly

a couple of days ago i went to the store with my mommy and found lilly in the discount bin. it was love at first sight! i picked her up and carried her around the store the entire time we were there. and then we were ready to go and my mommy tried to put lilly back. i really really wanted to keep her! and i had to let mommy know. so i threw a tiny fit. just a little one though. i mean no one even turned to look. my tactics payed off and i got to bring lilly home. i have been obsessed with her ever since! she came with a bag of fun clothes and my favorite thing to do lately is dress her in different outfits and imagine all the different things she could be and all the fun places she can go! these are a few of my original dress-up combinations!

Monday, June 21, 2010

daddy love

i just remembered that i forgot to post a happy father's day message for my daddy yesterday. well i am doing it today. i love you daddy!!!! i am sorry my vocabulary is not rich enough to express all my loving feelings but i am sure my kisses do the job just well. muah muah muah!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

see me run

i was so excited yesterday to go to the store and buy some new sandals for summer. i've seen so many cute pairs online and even went to the store with my mind made up about which ones were going to be added to my summer wardrobe. but something sad and unexpected happened! all the pairs i have been dreaming about were actually there and they even had my size. but when i tried to maneuver my chubby baby foot into the sandals - it just would not fit. sandal after sandal went back into its box and on to the rejection pile. there was a pair there that i liked so much that i even tried to curl by toes under before putting the sandal on. but even that didn't work. all i thought about are those poor step sisters my mom told me about. this must be how they felt trying to squeeze that much foot into a dainty shoe!

so just as i was beginning to think that the trip was a big waste of time - the nice lady suggested that i try on some sandals from the See Kai Run summer collection. surprisingly i had never heard of this brand or seen any of their shoes. she said that they are made specially wider for baby feet like mine. and by the way - my feet are within normal range of baby chubby. and that's why it was kind of odd that all the sandals i tried on were just too narrow! so i put on a pair and it was love at first sight. not only are they super cute but they have room for my toes to spread out and breathe. and they have a flexible rubber sole which makes them the most comfortable shoes to run and play in. now only if there was a way to get these shoes to those poor step sisters!

ashley maija sandals . shari mary-janes . sofia mary-janes . jannae mary-janes . mackenzie sandals

Monday, June 14, 2010

in time out

lately i have been spending a lot of time in time out! and it's all because of my big brother. the school year came to an end and i have been spending valuable sibling time with my favorite Nini. he is my hero! but unfortunately his bad ways have been rubbing off on me. my mom seems to think so anyway. i believe he is just teaching me new ways of having fun! but fun times have come to an end.

my brother started summer camp and he is no longer around during the day for me to play with. what am i going to do with myself? mischief is just not the same without a misbehaving partner who will cheer you on as you squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tube! ahh - the fun times we had!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sleepovers, boys and birthday cake

first i would like to begin this post by saying i had a lot on my mind yesterday and i was ready to memorialize it here but this blogger thing wasn't working. all day long. so i am sure whatever i end up actually writing will be less than half of my original thoughts. i mean, my ability to retain information for extended periods of time is remedial at best. i can hardly recall what i had for breakfast this morning? arghhh - i guess its not that important. on with my post.

lucky for me I got to sleep over my grandma's house on friday. i don't think this was the original plan since my mom dropped me off with 2 pull-ups, one outfit change and no apple juice refills. but since my grandma had to work - i really lucked out!!! can anyone say - Mickey's Clubhouse ALL DAY LONG! i mean this never happens. i was beginning to think that it was my birthday or something. maybe a reward of sorts - but for what??? i didn't go potty or anything. oh well - i'll take Mickey as much as i can get him!

anyway, as i was watching tv, i heard my big brother outside with his friends. as fast as i could, i rolled on my tummy, stretched my feed toward the edge of the bed and slid down to the floor. i ran to grandma and pulled on her while pointing to the door. "ninni! ninni!" i told her. she must of been tired of the computer because she picked me up and took me outside per my grand plan. and yep - there they were - playing by the garage. i couldn't control myself when i saw Luky and Joey, my big brother's best friends. i love them! they are sooo cute! i was so excited!!! i ran to them, and stood by them and jumped for them and did my ballerina stretches all for them. and even told them all about how much i love them. but i don't think they understood this baby's loving feelings. i was so excited that i overlooked the fact that i ran outside in my pajamas. oh no! how are these boys going to love me if i look like i just rolled out of bed? i kind of wish i was wearing this dress instead.

a dress to impress
(and send a subliminal message perhaps)

paper wings red sateen heart dress

a lesson learned i guess. next time i won't be so foolish. i will make sure to stuff a pretty dress in my diaper bag before i leave for grandma's so in any emergency i will have a dress to impress!

after the sleepover - it was time to go home and get all dolled up for my uncle's birthday party in the big city. unfortunately another wardrobe snafu occurred. i had to take my nap so i didn't get all grumpy later. my mom had to go and help my uncle so the task of dressing me for the party was left to my daddy. he did ok i guess - but my outfit definitely was not party worthy. it was more like playground chic. some jeans and a pink top - blah blah blah. i guess he was not aware of the fact that there would be other fashionistas in attendance. i was worried i would have to rely solely on the cute baby factor in order to impress. couldn't he have put me into this dress instead!

a dress fit for a fiesta!
(the party was mexican themed)

pebbles signorita dress

but he didn't. but by the end of the night i was kind of glad my daddy dressed me in a plain top and jeans. by the time i was done scooping the guacamole with my tortilla chip and transferring the loaded chip into my mouth - my jeans were all covered with food. i even tried to eat some guacamole off my shirt. oh well i guess another lesson learned. eat before you dress for a party!

the party was a blast regardless. someone even brought a doll that moved and crawled like a real baby. or maybe it was a real baby? well it doesn't really matter - i had fun poking at her and stroking her head. there was a lot of yummy food. but i did leave a little puzzled. was there a birthday cake????

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

jump up for the romper

i think that i have discovered the most perfect article of clothing for summer. the romper! all the comfort of wearing shorts attached to a top. you can run, roll, jump around and even swing on the monkey-bars (i am too little for this move) without any worries that your belly will be exposed or your diaper is showing. soo easy-to-wear and comfy as well! oh and did i mention - available in so many adorable designs and styles.

cover pic: children's place denim romper