Friday, July 30, 2010

a color story

ruffle tier dress . microwave by plan toys . lemon yellow teddy bear from seller seventytwostitches . jaune claire trousers . penguin & fish kitty no. 142

crochet inset slub tank . decoylab tea pot clock . canvas sneakers . jean bourget yellow dress . decoylab yellow bunny & butterfly print . cotton dress from seller illiakids . flower hair pin from seller elemedey . jellies

you are my sunshine print from seller ferntreestudio . ruffle tee . crochet bag from seller oohaahbaby . tiny barn owl pillow from seller marathon1981 . saltwater the original sandal . catimini poncho . topiary from seller floresdelsol . flower buttons from seller glintsupplies

Thursday, July 29, 2010

in my toy box

well it's not exactly a toy but i can definitely play with it so i decided to post it under the "in my toy box" feature anyway. this is the cutest little sleeping bag out there. perfect for sleepovers in your brother's room or for those cuddly movie evenings on the floor! melissa & doug mollie sleeping bag.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

battle wounds

keeping up with my brother and his friends is hard! and painful too! i was moving my feet so fast trying to catch up to Nini that i tripped and scrapped my knee. now i have a big ugly bruise and even a bigger and uglier band-aid covering it. now i'll never be a super model!

now i know that bumps and bruises are part of life, but i would feel much better about having bruises if i had prettier band-aids to cover them with. like these yummy ones!

sweet treats cupcake band-aids

on my book shelf

now here is a tale that i can relate to! just like Gossie i have a favorite pair of sandals that i like to wear everyday even when it rains. and i just can't imagine how i would feel if one morning i woke up and couldn't find my favorite shoes. and if i saw my best friend wearing them instead? oy vey! i know Gossie learned to share but i don't think i would be as charitable. not just yet! but it's definitely a good lesson to keep in mind for later.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

yesterday was my first trip to the zoo. well the first one i can remember anyway! and i have to admit it was a little scary. i have been looking at all kinds of animals for so long in books and on tv. i even have all my farm animals mastered (except for the horse that is - which i always get mixed up with other horse looking creatures like the zebra and the ostrich). but seeing these animals live was quite overwhelming. i couldn't believe how big some of these beasts were. i really did not like the rhinos. they were not very pleasing to the eye and i think their mommy forgot to change their diapers or something because the stench emanating from their habitat was oppressive! the lions were not too exciting - i think the weather made them a little bit tired. they just laid there barely moving with their tongues hanging out panting. it was hot!!!! i saw some other animals but the only one that i really really liked was the polar bear. i couldn't walk away from him. he was fun - he swam around for a bit doing different strokes in the pool. and then he climbed out of the pool and onto the highest rock and dove paws first into the water, making a huge splash. now that was some excitement! i wanted to see him do it all over again but my mommy kept pulling me away because it was time for us to go. right when i found an animal worth watching! but we had to leave because my daddy was beginning to resemble the lions sitting there on the bench barely moving with his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting!

citrus slice romper . mackenzie sandals

in my dream closet

mim pi sweet kiss white tee . pink ribbon ruffle lace skirt . sweet heart long socks

Monday, July 26, 2010

3 wonderful things

Rockabye Baby! Renditions of the Beatles CD at . P'kolino Book Buggee at . Kidsonroof Portable Dollhouse at

Friday, July 23, 2010

wonderfully handmade

yesterday i went to the mall in search of a few new hair accessories to spruce up my summer wardrobe. unfortunately the trip turned out to be an extremely hot and fruitless venture. too much of the same thing over and over again - bows, bows and more boring bows in different colors. some curly ribbon ponytail holders and brightly colored clips. so when we got home mommy decided to take matters into her own hands and make something. voila! my new vintage inspired flower clip made from one of my old favorite skirts.

here is how she made it if you want to make one too! the flower can also be made into a ponytail holder.

1. cut out the flower parts using the patterns above. i doubled the the fabric layers so each layer is the same color from the top and the bottom of the finished flower and used a heavier fabric (here an old canvas bag) between the layers so the petals and flower hold their shape.

2. take the layers of each pattern piece and stitch all around the edge. i used a blanket stitch to give the flower a vintage look and prevent the edges from fraying.

3. fold each finished petal in half and cut out a small half moon out of the inner center of each one trying to keep the size as uniform as possible. stack the layers.

4. holding the layers together stitch around the perimeter of the inner circle using basic line stitch. pull at both ends of the thread to close the hole as much as possible and tie the thread ends together.

5. sew on the button and the leaf.

6. to make a ponytail holder - sew on a ponytail band to the back of the flower. to make a clip - i hot glued a plain metal clip to the back and sewed around it for extra reinforcement.

7. trim any frayed edges and wear! try it with your favorite Misha Lulu outfit for a complete vintage inspired look.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

in my toy box

these chunky flower fairy beads are fun to thread. and when your tired of threading, you can count them, practice your colors or play! Flower Fairies Bambini Beads from Haba from

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on my book shelf

this colorful board book is perfect for beginner counters like me. the numbers are easy to recognize and the wildlife illustrations make the learning process visually interesting and fun. a definite departure from the mundane early counting books!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

same channel, new love

well i never thought this day would ever come! my love for Mickey was so strong! not a day went by without him. he was the first person i thought about when i woke up in the morning and the last person i saw before i closed my eyes at night. something must of happened but what? i just can't seem to put my finger on it. i guess the easiest person to blame for my sudden loss of interest would be that on demand guy who stopped updating the available episodes on a regular basis. before there was at least four to five episodes i can choose from and rotate throughout the week. but then, all of a sudden the on demand menu stood still. same three episodes without new additions. i mean even i got tired of the same old story lines and songs. and i am a baby who usually enjoys viewing my favorite shows and hearing my favorite songs over and over and over again. and if that wasn't tragic enough, the tv people decided to switch the lineup on me. before when i woke up in the morning Mickey was on. and then one day i woke up, and some other characters were on tv. same channel, same time but no Mickey.

i know i should probably take more responsibility for straying but as far as i am concerned - i was left no choice. what's a baby to do? i had an emotional void and i had to find someone to fill it. so i began looking around other channels. i saw some really big purple character singing and dancing with kids. he was ok but didn't really tickle my fancy. then there were different colored animal looking characters who talked a lot and sometimes sang about letters. i really did not find that show very entertaining. i was outside the target age perhaps?

eventually i turned to my old favorite network hoping to find a more fitting replacement. and i did! his name is Handy Manny and i love him. he is just as cute as Mickey. i think he even looks more like a real boy. he always has these fun little guys with him that jump up and down, fix things and say words i don't really understand with funny accents. the only problem with this new infatuation is - there aren't any cute clothes i can wear to express my new emotional commitment!

in my dream closet

little marc jacobs frieda plaid dress, striped bow tights & burgundy patent leather pirate miss marc bag

Monday, July 19, 2010

3 wonderful things

first wave step stool by ecotots . turtle watering can by spielstabil . zoo lunchies owl lunch bag by skip hop