Thursday, July 8, 2010

a budding artist

every day i get up, brush my teeth and eat my breakfast while watching an episode of Mickey's Clubhouse. as soon as my morning routine is over and my mommy washes my hands and gets all of the cereal out of my hair, i climb up on the kitchen chair and look for that magical box of paint on the counter. when i find it, i call my mommy over to let her know that it's painting time! i point to the paint and exclaim over and over "these,these!" i love to paint! i mean i always loved to express myself with crayons and the occasional marker (if i can get my hands on one) but paint has given me a new found creative freedom. i can do sooooo much more with paint. i can swirl my paintbrush in it, i can mix all the colors together, i can paint all over my hands and legs and most importantly, i can create a gallery worthy masterpiece in minutes. the only problem with my creative process is, the paint doesn't only end up on paper, but on the kitchen table, on my high chair and pretty much every other surface within my reach. i think i need to get a few paint supplies to make paint time a tidier pastime. i wouldn't want my mommy to take away my painting privileges just because it takes longer to clean up after me than it takes me to create my wonderful works of art.

one of my masterpieces. i call it Field of Dreams

A Budding Artist's Essentials
tabletop easel . art caddy . paint the town paint supplies from www.
smock from

splat mats . work of art clips from

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