Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gymboree: play, learn, get tackled?

today was an exciting day for me. i was so thrilled to go to my first gymboree class this morning that i even let my mommy dress me without trying to run away and hide as usual. when we got there i was a bit apprehensive but totally excited. there was so many other babies there running around this colorful room filled with lots of strange structures. i threw off my shoes and ran into the gym. then i stood there for a second and looked around in awe. and there in the corner i saw a big bucket full of wiffle balls. i ran to the bucket and picked out a pretty red one to play with. i threw it all over, i dunked it in the giant basketball hoop and i chased it all around. the other babies didn't even matter anymore. i finally had a ball of my own to play with that no one was trying to yank out of my hands (Nini!).

that is until this really large baby ran towards me reaching his hands out for my ball. the next thing i knew i was face down on the matt under the big baby getting my head pulled. i started to yell and cry but i managed to hold on to my ball. "my ball" i declared over and over for all to hear! when i was finally saved from the monster baby, i wiped off my tears and went back to dunking the ball.

after i played with the ball, i even tried to climb on some stuff. but the best part came later when the teacher blew oodles of tiny bubbles all over the gym and the babies chased them around. shaking the maracas was also a blast. i was a little bit frightened by the giant clown that tried to hug me at the end but i loved getting fun stamps all over my body. i had so much fun i almost forgot about the big monster baby incident. well almost! i think i want to go back but i just don't know - does every class come with a monster baby bully?

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