Tuesday, July 27, 2010

lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

yesterday was my first trip to the zoo. well the first one i can remember anyway! and i have to admit it was a little scary. i have been looking at all kinds of animals for so long in books and on tv. i even have all my farm animals mastered (except for the horse that is - which i always get mixed up with other horse looking creatures like the zebra and the ostrich). but seeing these animals live was quite overwhelming. i couldn't believe how big some of these beasts were. i really did not like the rhinos. they were not very pleasing to the eye and i think their mommy forgot to change their diapers or something because the stench emanating from their habitat was oppressive! the lions were not too exciting - i think the weather made them a little bit tired. they just laid there barely moving with their tongues hanging out panting. it was hot!!!! i saw some other animals but the only one that i really really liked was the polar bear. i couldn't walk away from him. he was fun - he swam around for a bit doing different strokes in the pool. and then he climbed out of the pool and onto the highest rock and dove paws first into the water, making a huge splash. now that was some excitement! i wanted to see him do it all over again but my mommy kept pulling me away because it was time for us to go. right when i found an animal worth watching! but we had to leave because my daddy was beginning to resemble the lions sitting there on the bench barely moving with his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting!

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