Tuesday, July 20, 2010

same channel, new love

well i never thought this day would ever come! my love for Mickey was so strong! not a day went by without him. he was the first person i thought about when i woke up in the morning and the last person i saw before i closed my eyes at night. something must of happened but what? i just can't seem to put my finger on it. i guess the easiest person to blame for my sudden loss of interest would be that on demand guy who stopped updating the available episodes on a regular basis. before there was at least four to five episodes i can choose from and rotate throughout the week. but then, all of a sudden the on demand menu stood still. same three episodes without new additions. i mean even i got tired of the same old story lines and songs. and i am a baby who usually enjoys viewing my favorite shows and hearing my favorite songs over and over and over again. and if that wasn't tragic enough, the tv people decided to switch the lineup on me. before when i woke up in the morning Mickey was on. and then one day i woke up, and some other characters were on tv. same channel, same time but no Mickey.

i know i should probably take more responsibility for straying but as far as i am concerned - i was left no choice. what's a baby to do? i had an emotional void and i had to find someone to fill it. so i began looking around other channels. i saw some really big purple character singing and dancing with kids. he was ok but didn't really tickle my fancy. then there were different colored animal looking characters who talked a lot and sometimes sang about letters. i really did not find that show very entertaining. i was outside the target age perhaps?

eventually i turned to my old favorite network hoping to find a more fitting replacement. and i did! his name is Handy Manny and i love him. he is just as cute as Mickey. i think he even looks more like a real boy. he always has these fun little guys with him that jump up and down, fix things and say words i don't really understand with funny accents. the only problem with this new infatuation is - there aren't any cute clothes i can wear to express my new emotional commitment!

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