Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the big green spill

yesterday i went to the craft store to pick up supplies for my birthday party. side note - i simply cannot wait to turn 2! i heard that once i am 2 - i can be terrible without consequence because being terrible at 2 is the norm. cannot wait!

anyway as i was saying, i usually ride in the cart when out shopping. safely strapped in in my seat. but i just could not remain in my cart at the craft store. so many shiny things just begging to be touched and squeezed by little hands. so i twisted and turned in my seat and tried to pull myself up by the handlebar. whatever it took to get down to the floor. maybe i screamed a little, i don't really remember. all i know that my efforts paid off. i was unstrapped, pulled out of the cart and planted on the floor with one direction - "Sasha stay close and don't touch a thing!" yeah right! i was thinking, but i played by the rules for a bit. i walked right next to mommy and even pushed the cart around for a while. but then my hands began to itch and i was overcome by the uncontrollable desire to grab. something and everything! all these colorful bottles within my reach with twisty caps. my favorite.

i stopped and i waited. the distance between mommy and i grew. and when her attention was finally diverted and her eyes were no longer following me, i snagged one little bottle off of the shelf and madly began twisting the cap. a few turns to the left a few to the right, the cap flew right off and green ink spilled down my new dress, on my favorite shoes and onto the floor all around me. i knew i was trouble but i didn't utter a word. i just stood there in the puddle of green waiting for mommy to turn and discover me. in a second she did. she ran over. she grabbed me. a long speech of disappointment ensued. i spent the next half an hour in the craft store washroom - sitting on top of the baby changer. shirtless and shoeless, waiting for mommy to get rid of the green!

in my dream closet: fall/winter preview edition

today i am featuring another one of my favorites - Cakewalk. and Cakewalk's fall/winter collection is full of beautifully designed pieces with around the world details. each piece exudes originality and embodies this brand's creative and cheerful approach to children's clothing.

Friday, August 27, 2010

i am shopping here

i came across this little shop while browsing etsy - one of my favorite sites for cool and unexpected finds! i am absolutely in love with the wonderful vintage inspired prints, art pieces and plates this seller makes and i am sure once you see the charming and delicate art from thestorybookrabbit you will feel the same way! here are some of my absolute favorites.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

back in class

today was a very exciting day. Nini and i woke up extra early so he can get ready for his first day of third grade. we brushed our teeth together and i even picked out his clothes. then i helped him stuff his backpack with new school supplies and comb his hair straight. soon it was time for him to catch the bus, so i hugged him, kissed him goodbye, muah muah, and waived him off as he made his way down the stairs. i was kind of sad to see him go. the last few days at home together were so much fun! pillow fights and jumping on the bed together. running around the house and throwing balls. having lunch al fresco on the balcony and catapulting blueberries on unsuspecting people strolling outside. ah - having a big brother is so cool! mommy and daddy didn't seem so sad at all. they were all smiles pushing Nini toward the front door. i am sure they were all thrilled to see him start a new year of learning!

so Nini left. i had my breakfast. watched some tv. i was planning on mopping around a bit right after, but then mommy reminded me that i had to get ready for class as well. art class that is. i had forgotten all about it. today was a gymboree day. yay! i haven't been there in so long since i've been sick.

when i got there, something was different. my teacher Gina was not there. in her place stood another lady with a huge smile on her face. she told us that her name was Erin and Gina was not going to be our teacher anymore. she said she does things differently than Gina. a little disappointing but what can a baby do? Erin's plan for us - to make a baby lamb. i got my messy tray in front of me, my paper plate, the cotton balls and googly eyes. i stood there waiting for my glue so i can start putting my lamb together. "oh here it comes!" i got excited when Erin finally walked towards my table. "a big round bowl of it! oh boy!" but as i stretched out my hand to grab my plate of glue, she brushed my hand aside and placed the bowl between my tray and Tommy's. she uttered in a foul tone, "this bowl's for two of you to share!"

"to share? what? who is she kidding?" Tommy stretched out his little grubby fingers towards my bowl and said "my glue." "no, no, it's my," i answered back and swiped the bowl off of the table. i held it so tight against my chest. he screamed and cried. and so did other babies all around the room who were not quick enough to claim a bowl. mommy was mumbling to share trying to convince me to let him dip his cotton balls inside. no way! no how! if this is what Erin meant by different - i am not coming anymore!

in my toy box

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

fall doll

i love paper dolls! i have a couple already but i find i get really bored of putting them in the same limited outfit choices over and over again. so my mommy decided to make a new doll just for me. and just in time for the new fashion season. inspired by the fall collections of my favorite designers, Clara, the fall 2010 paper doll, has so many clothing choices, she will surely have me occupied for hours to come. or at least until mommy makes me another doll. for winter maybe? anyway, you are all welcome to share the doll with me. print her out, cut her out, and have fun dressing her up with me!

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on my book shelf

did you know that different animals have different rhythms? i do now thanks to this bright and beautifully illustrated book. with this book you don't just learn, you have oodles of fun dancing along and stomping your feet to all the different animal beats.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

puppy tears

Toby went to get his shots today and now he is not the same puppy anymore. he doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to walk around and he doesn't even want to eat. and every time he tries to move or i try to pet him, he screams just like i do when something really hurts. i mean i too remember how painful shots can be! i have been poked with needles so many times and in so many places. first in the thigh, then in the other, and then in one arm and again in the other. i can never be sure when an ordinary appointment for my brother turns into a traumatizing shot experience. that's exactly what happened last time i visited the doctor. i went along as a supportive sister and ended up as an unsuspecting victim of the flu vaccine. i cried so hard even my nuki couldn't calm me down. the entire experience was so traumatic - i refuse to go back there again. even for a checkup! and every time my parents bring me to that awful place, i say "bye, bye!" wave at everyone there and run towards the door. now that i think of it - i haven't been there in a while. phew! but i am just so sad for Toby. i hope he doesn't hurt like this forever.

in my dream closet: fall/winter preview edition

my fall preview extravaganza continues with one of my favorite brands - Room Seven. and the fall/winter 2010 collection is simply gorgeous. soft fall colors, girly silhouettes and charming details. there are a lot of photos but i am so in love with this collection - i want to look at it over and over and over again. and once you see it - i know you will feel the same way!