Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the big green spill

yesterday i went to the craft store to pick up supplies for my birthday party. side note - i simply cannot wait to turn 2! i heard that once i am 2 - i can be terrible without consequence because being terrible at 2 is the norm. cannot wait!

anyway as i was saying, i usually ride in the cart when out shopping. safely strapped in in my seat. but i just could not remain in my cart at the craft store. so many shiny things just begging to be touched and squeezed by little hands. so i twisted and turned in my seat and tried to pull myself up by the handlebar. whatever it took to get down to the floor. maybe i screamed a little, i don't really remember. all i know that my efforts paid off. i was unstrapped, pulled out of the cart and planted on the floor with one direction - "Sasha stay close and don't touch a thing!" yeah right! i was thinking, but i played by the rules for a bit. i walked right next to mommy and even pushed the cart around for a while. but then my hands began to itch and i was overcome by the uncontrollable desire to grab. something and everything! all these colorful bottles within my reach with twisty caps. my favorite.

i stopped and i waited. the distance between mommy and i grew. and when her attention was finally diverted and her eyes were no longer following me, i snagged one little bottle off of the shelf and madly began twisting the cap. a few turns to the left a few to the right, the cap flew right off and green ink spilled down my new dress, on my favorite shoes and onto the floor all around me. i knew i was trouble but i didn't utter a word. i just stood there in the puddle of green waiting for mommy to turn and discover me. in a second she did. she ran over. she grabbed me. a long speech of disappointment ensued. i spent the next half an hour in the craft store washroom - sitting on top of the baby changer. shirtless and shoeless, waiting for mommy to get rid of the green!


  1. Lol. I hope it wasn't any sort of green glue

  2. worse - it was green india ink! permanent!