Thursday, August 12, 2010

in my toy box

i think this post should have a different title - something like "in my dream toy box." the toys featured in this post are definitely a splurge but, maybe, just maybe, i will get lucky and get this dream kitchen and cooking accessories for my upcoming birthday. cross your fingers with me in hopes that one particular reader of my here blog will read this post and make a mental note (grandma)! i really really need this kitchenette and pots and pans. lately i have been really interested in cooking and i want to make tasty things by myself! but every time i get near the stove and stretch out my fingers to turn the little black knobs - someone picks me up, says "NO" and points me in a different direction. if that wasn't tragic enough - before, all my favorite kitchenware was stored within arms reach. now its all put away way up high and i can't even get to it standing on the kitchen chair. i am sure you can see my dilemma. how is a baby supposed to feed her teddy bears and dolls?? my poor friends have been eating the same thing for weeks - prepackaged foods! string cheese and crackers. slices of bread. they haven't had veggies in years. i am sure you will agree - i just have to have this kitchenette. without it i cannot make my friends the veggie porridge they desperately need. it's good for them and i know. i eat it everyday! without the veggie porridge who knows what will happen to their digestive tracks. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mini Cooking Set and What's For Dinner Kitchenette from

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