Tuesday, August 24, 2010

puppy tears

Toby went to get his shots today and now he is not the same puppy anymore. he doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to walk around and he doesn't even want to eat. and every time he tries to move or i try to pet him, he screams just like i do when something really hurts. i mean i too remember how painful shots can be! i have been poked with needles so many times and in so many places. first in the thigh, then in the other, and then in one arm and again in the other. i can never be sure when an ordinary appointment for my brother turns into a traumatizing shot experience. that's exactly what happened last time i visited the doctor. i went along as a supportive sister and ended up as an unsuspecting victim of the flu vaccine. i cried so hard even my nuki couldn't calm me down. the entire experience was so traumatic - i refuse to go back there again. even for a checkup! and every time my parents bring me to that awful place, i say "bye, bye!" wave at everyone there and run towards the door. now that i think of it - i haven't been there in a while. phew! but i am just so sad for Toby. i hope he doesn't hurt like this forever.

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