Friday, August 13, 2010

unreasonable expectations

if you have been following my tales thus far, you probably already know how obsessed i am with making art. all kinds of art. and probably most, with the process of making it. i love squeezing the paint out of the tubes and swirling my fingers in it. i adore making playdough sculptures and sticking pieces of paper together with glue. even my parents were so impressed with my artistic capabilities that they decided to send me to art class where i can hone my artistic skills. and rightfully so! it would be foolish of them to let a talent like mine dissipate due to lack of study and development. and so i found myself in the same place where i go to gym class, gymboree, only now in a different room behind a secret white door. and in this room, there are so many things that sometimes i get overwhelmed by all the exiting materials. i lose focus and mommy ends up finishing some of my projects for me. at times, i think she enjoys making these projects even more than i do! in class, i make all kinds of art projects. i paint abstract pieces on the big paper hanging on the wall, i make all sorts of animals and last time i even made pieces that went with a special frog song. these are some of my favorite works. i think i will make quick tutorials one day soon just in case you would like to create them as well.

the only problem now is - my mommy is mad at me because i used the walls at home as my canvas and drew all over my doll's face. i just don't get why she is upset? she wants me to express myself and create, but then puts limitations on my process! unreasonable expectations don't you think!

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