Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the big 2!

when i woke up on sunday morning, Nini ran into my room. he began jumping up and down and singing a really upbeat song. at first i was caught off guard. i mean i just opened my eyes and Nini was right there, singing. and then i quickly came to the realization that finally it must be here. my birthday! yeah! so i jumped to my feet and danced along to my own birthday song. soon mommy and daddy came in and started singing. i was really really excited and couldn't wait to see what the day had in store for me. after the usual morning routine, i had a special breakfast of sour cream and cheese. some apple juice, of course, to wash it down. mommy doesn't usually let me have that much sour cream and cheese at once, but it was my special day and that meant i could eat whatever my little heart desired. then i played with Nini for a bit while mommy finished up making my cupcakes. i wanted to help so bad. specially with the sparkly dust, but she wouldn't let me. i was allowed to put one butterfly on top of one little cake but as mommy predicted my unstable hands plopped it on top and ruined the perfectly piped mound of yummy yellow frosting. she wasn't too mad though and i even got to sample the ruined cupcake right then and there. i shared a bit with Nini. yummy! so much chocolate and fruity jam inside. i couldn't wait to have another. i tried to take one more. the tray of cakes was pulled away before my hands could reach it.

then mommy left with Nini and i was left with daddy to waste the day away. we went to the park and played a little. i was begining to wonder if this was it for by big day? i went down for my nap as usual. then i woke up and waited for someone else to come and sing and make me feel so special. daddy came in, but didn't sing. instead he picked me up and said we had somewhere to go. i had to get dressed quick! he put me in my favorite party dress, some pom pom socks, and my new shiny patent shoes. a really big bow finished off my outfit. i was all ready to go.

finally we got to my aunt's house. she is not really my aunt but just as close. i ran into the backyard and looked around. my party! it was right there waiting just for me! it was so pretty! a magical garden as my party invitation promised. there were flowers, and sparkly birds everywhere. butterflies all around and different animals made out of grass, i think. mommy was there and so was Nini. my uncle. my grandma and grandpa. everyone ran up to me and said hello. Nini sang his pretty song all over again. i was totally excited for the rest of my guests to arrive. soon they all came with shiny bags with presents inside just for me. this birthday thing was turning out to be even more awesome than i had ever expected. everyone wanted to play with me and give me attention. i wished that i could have a birthday every single day! all these babies came and my best friend Eve was there. i ran around chasing the kids most of the time. and then at the end of the night, finally, the cupcakes appeared and i devoured two of them. one purple frosted one for my first birthday and a yellow one for my big second! frosting spilled all over my outfit but i wasn't that concerned. the cakes were so delicious! soon after i got really tired. it was way passed my bedtime. so i said bye bye to all my guests, gave each one a smooch and left. i think i fell asleep on my way home. oh what a party! the only problem - my silly mommy forgot her camera. she was too busy with all the decorating and cooking i guess. most of my birthday party pics i posted - we had to take the following day. so don't be surprised to see remnants of yellow frosting on my sunday best! by the way, i wonder what ever happened to all those shiny bags with presents?

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