Friday, September 3, 2010

party prep

i can't wait for tomorrow! tomorrow is my daddy's birthday and he is going to be 37. but i am sad to admit, i don't know what to get him or to make him. i was thinking about painting a special piece just for him but i am out of paint. i spilled it all over the table a couple of days ago. the mural on the kitchen table turned out awesome but unfortunately no one appreciated its beauty as much as i did. it was wiped off the table immediately after the initial discovery of its existence. i don't really like using crayons anymore. i know - maybe i will make him a sculpture. that's it! out of Nini's baseball cards perhaps.

anyway i obviously have a lot of things to work out before tomorrow. i wonder if we are having a party? i don't know about daddy's party, but i do know that i am definitely having one. i am very excited specially because i heard through the grapevine that i did not have a celebration last year. something in the calendar didn't end up working out and the party was cancelled. i had a feeling there was something missing from my life last year around the end of september. anyway, there is no point to dwell on the past. so mommy and i have been doing lots of party prep. mostly mommy but i help when i can. the theme - Magical Garden Party. i am not sure what it means but it sounds exciting. the invites are finally finished. here is a sneak peak!

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