Monday, September 13, 2010

terrible but not yet two

i don't know exactly what is going on with me. i am feeling a little more irritable and impatient these days. i mean i have always been a bit of a cranky cry baby but what little girl isn't? lately though, my crying spells have increased both in frequency and intensity and it seems that not a day goes by without me throwing several crying fits. i don't think this is entirely my fault. i mean how hard is it really to give a baby what she wants. i don't really ask for much and i am pretty good in expressing my desires. my words of want are crystal clear - "i wanni!" i don't have a lisp or an accent when i speak, so why people are unable to understand me is baffling. specially Nini, he always does the opposite of what i ask it seems. i swear sometimes i think he tries to irritate me on purpose. yes - on purpose! just yesterday i told him i wanted his DS. it was on his shelf beyond my reach. he wasn't even playing it. and instead of handing over the DS, he took it and began to play. i was so mad! so i opened my mouth and began to scream as loud as i could. tears began to roll down my cheeks. i was waiting for someone to come and rescue me but no one came. i screamed again - "i wanni DS, give me DS!" but all he did was play and smile. that made me even more mad than i was before. and then all of a sudden my angry body reacted in a new and unexpected way. my arm swung back and then back forward toward his face. "smack! i'll show him!" Nini dropped the DS and covered his cheek. he screamed and began to cry. "oh well, now he knows how this baby feels." he ran to mommy and the DS was mine!

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