Monday, September 20, 2010

wonderfully handmade

"All About Me" Cards

as you probably already heard, i am turning 2 really soon. i am not sure what day exactly but i know my birthday is just around the corner. and as i explained in my previous posts, i am having a magical garden party to celebrate. i also don't really know what that entails but i am nonetheless excited. my friends and family are going to be in attendance. and that got mommy asking - how much do they really know about Sasha (me)? specially those we haven't seen in quite a bit. i am sure my guests will know i am turning 2 and basic stuff about me like that i am girly girl and that i love my big brother Nini but do they know my favorite foods perhaps, my favorite toys or TV shows? do people know about my future dreams and aspirations? probably not! so mommy came up with an idea. All About Me cards! although i am not quite sure if we will hand them out right away, or place them at each place setting, these cards are sure to get the conversation started. they will be a fun way to share all my current likes, my dreams and aspirations with all my guests.

all you need is card stock and a printer. adorn as you like. share all the fun stuff about your child at 1 or 2 or 3, etc. all the things they like, all the things they learned though the previous year, all the fun milestones and all the clever things they say.

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