Thursday, September 23, 2010

you snooze, you lose!

recently i have been thinking - why is mommy so eager to put me down for my daily nap? she is so strict about it as well. she is not like that with other things. but when it comes to nap time, i am in my bed precisely at 12:30 pm every single day. even if i don't feel like napping she still puts me in my bed, gives me my teddy bear and blanket, gives me a kiss and shuts the bedroom door. do you think that i tire her out maybe? no. there is no way! i am sure she would spend every minute of the day with me if she could. there has to be a more plausible reason. maybe it's because something exciting happens right as i fall asleep. that's it! that is what probably happens when i nap. i bet there are fun parties that occur. people come over and dance and play. what if Mickey stops by to say hello and i am not there simply because i am sleeping? wasting the day away? that's it. what am i doing missing all the fun? who even needs to nap for hours every day? i surely don't! so here is my plan - next time mommy attempts to put me down for nap time, i am not sleeping! i am going to talk and maybe scream a little in hopes that mommy understands that i don't plan on napping. that i prefer to skip the snooze and join the party instead!


  1. Hello Inessa, I miss you and Sasha in art class.
    I want to say one more time, how I like Sasha's blog!!! I can tell you, maybe you don't believe me, but everyday I take a moment to read, see new things and to look Sasha's pictures, what she likes etc.
    I'm a big fan of her!!!

  2. thanks Camilla.

    we will be back in class next week. i have been sick the last couple of weeks and didn't want to get the kids sick too! we are so close in there.

    see you soon!