Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i like it!

is there anything wrong with listening to the same awesome song over and over? not if you ask me! and not if your talking about your favorite song. right? i thought so. daddy does it all the time. when he likes a song, he replays it over and over until mommy cannot take it anymore and asks him to put in his earphones. so why is everyone annoyed with me now that i have a favorite song that i want to hear again and again. and again. and again. i would understand if i wanted to listen to some baby einstein song or some other kiddy tune. i am sure that would be quite unbearable to an adult. but i am not talking about any kid song here. i want to hear Enrique Iglesias sing "I Like It" for eternity. what an awesome upbeat tune! it's easy to sing along to. it's fun to dance to. i mean, it's the perfect song! so why they try to limit me to 10 replays a day is baffling and quite upsetting as well.

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