Tuesday, October 5, 2010

poopy pants

i am really getting tired of this whole potty training thing. why can't everyone just leave me alone in my diaper pants. i don't quite understand what's so wrong with going potty in your pants? do you? why is everyone in such a hurry to put me on the potty? i like the warm sensation of going in my diaper! doesn't everyone? maybe everyone is just jealous because they have to go through this lengthy process of taking their pants off, sitting down on the toilet, wiping, pulling the pants back on, washing their hands right after. phew! i am spent just from the thought of having to go through such an ordeal. you know what? i am pretty sure if they made diaper pants for parents, my parents would be wearing them too. and how many different strategies and potty training schemes do i have to endure?

mommy's latest tactic - letting me run around without diaper pants at all. i mean, i like the feel of the cold breeze on my bottom as i run through the house, but is this really necessary? she seemed to think that this will make me think before i go. so i spent the entire morning bare. every 20 minutes mommy reminded me about going potty. she even went with me into the bathroom, sat down on the potty too and recited the pee-pee poo-poo soundtrack which goes something like this, "come on sasha - piss-piss-piss, poo-poo-poo, piss-piss-piss, poo-poo-poo." she even moved the potty into the living room in attempt to decrease the time it takes me to get to the bathroom. we wouldn't want me to change my mind on the way there, would we?

the potty in the living room looked tempting at times but i held back. i even asked for diaper pants on one occasion. but mommy was determined to have this newly calculated plan succeed. and everything was going accordingly until her undivided attention was diverted by a phone call. it was too bad because right at that moment i had to go and simply could not hold it anymore. i saw a corner that looked like a comfortable place. i ran to it. i squatted a little. and proceeded to poop right on the floor. it wasn't long until mommy turned around and found me. right in my corner. arms at my waist. twirling a bit from side to side. she looked a little stunned and angry. so i did the only thing i could. i looked at her. i smiled. and said while pointing to the floor, "what a poopy mess! a big big poopy mess." she cracked a smile and i knew that my big poopy mess was going to be forgiven. and, that probably soon, i would be moving on to potty training tactic #31.


  1. I love to read Sasha's memoirs!!! Everyday I take a moment to read and enjoy Sasha's blog!!! Sasha, you are luck!! You have a good, good, good mother!!

  2. Thanks Camilla! Did you enter the West Village Kids giveaway?

  3. Oh Sasha! Sounds like your mommy and I are trying the same tactics but you girls are stubborn as mules. Can't you amuse mommy just this once and go in the potty? Pretty please...