Friday, October 15, 2010

a sticker? continued...

shortly, another woman came in carrying a bucket and a huge syringe. i recognized her right away. she usually sticks me all over with needles. i lost it. i don't really recall the details of what happened next. all i remember is being held down by everyone, including mommy, and being tortured with the huge syringe. i tried my hardest to break free but couldn't do it. they kept on pouring liquid in my ears and sticking the sharp light back inside. i cried so hard i choked. i screamed for mommy to help me. but she didn't. they all thought that i would give up fighting pretty soon. but i fought to the last minute. finally they got tired of holding me and set me free. i got my nuki back inside my mouth. i sucked on it much harder than i ever did before. all in attempt to come back down. "let's go!" i demanded. the woman wrote something down on paper. she gave it to mommy to take with her back home. and then she reached into her pocket, pulled out a princess sticker and stretched her hand out toward me. "a sticker?" i thought to myself. "does she really think i want her sticker? after all the pain and suffering she put me through? no way!" so i grabbed that stinky sticker out of her hand, and tossed it right back at her with all the might that i had left inside me. "you take that sticker! and go torture someone else!"


  1. Sasha, I hope you are better and your ears do not hurt anymore...

  2. thanks Camilla! i hope so too.