Thursday, October 14, 2010

a sticker? that is all i get?

when i woke up today, i felt a little different. a little crabby, somewhat cranky and a bit achy all over. i sat around on the couch for a while hugging my blanket and my bear. i watched an episode of Mickey. mommy came by and sat beside me. i put my head down on her chest and laid there for a while. she stroked my hair and tried to put some strands behind my ear so i can have an unobstructed view. i got a little hungry so i asked for breakfast. i got my cereal and began to eat. i chewed a couple bites but then i noticed, that my right ear started to hurt. i screamed a little and pulled on it. i thought that maybe if i tug on it, the pain would disappear. it didn't! i pushed my plate across the table. i couldn't eat another bite. i got up from the table and sat back on the couch. i tugged on my right ear and cried some more. then mommy came by and said we had to go to the doctor. oh no! there was no way that i was going to that office! horrible memories of what happened last time i was there suddenly rushed back into my head. the yucky smell, the awful needles and the unbearable pain! i'd rather pull on my ear forever than go back to that place again! she tried to get me dressed but i refused to cooperate. instead, i screamed as loud as i could. tears were poring down my face and into my wide open mouth. i jerked my body from side to side, hiding my arms behind my back just so mommy wouldn't be able to grab a hold of them and fit them through the sleeves of my pink shirt. although i tried so hard, she still somehow managed to put my clothes on and the next thing i knew, i was strapped in my car seat on my way to see the doctor. the anticipation of all the horrible things to come was overwhelming. so overwhelming that i fell asleep while on my way.

when i woke up, i was already there. in mommy's arms waiting for the doctor to come in. i shook my head from side to side in protest. i tried to pull the doorknob down and push the door wide open so i could run far, far away. no luck. i waited in the room for a quite a while before the door finally swung open and a woman appeared. "phew," i thought to myself for a brief minute. "i've never seen her here before. maybe she is real nice like mommy tried to convince me." then the woman came in and right behind her, some man. he looked so big and awful. "be nice," i told them both and sprung into my mommy's lap. everyone talked about me while i hid my head inside of mommy's chest. the woman then lifted my shirt to listen. i didn't like that. not a bit. i started to cry. the woman then held my head real tight and tried to stick some kind of sharp light in my ear. it hurt but fortunately it was over soon. mommy gave me my nuki. they talked some more. i thought that we were finally leaving. i was wrong!

to be continued...

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