Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wonderfully handmade - spooky crow mask


1 sheet black felt
1 sheet cardstock paper
black thread and needle
black craft feathers
black ribbon


1. print out the mask template below on a sheet of cardstock paper.

© diaper style memoirs

2. cut out the mask and beak along the solid lines from the cardstock paper. this size mask fits kids ages 2-6. you may want to check the eye opening width to make sure it is perfect for your child's face and adjust accordingly.

3. use the cutout pieces as templates for the felt. lay them on the felt and either use a white pencil to mark the felt or pin the cardstok directly to the felt and cut around the templates. cut out 2 felt pieces for the beak and two felt pieces for the mask.

4. take the cardstock cutouts and cut the edge around both the mask body and the beak along the dashed line. do not cut the beak in half. the smaller dashed line along the length of the beak is to be used to make the fold later on.

5. sandwich the mask cardstock template between the two pieces of felt cutouts and sew along the edges of the mask to enclose the cardstock inside. the cardstock gives the mask body and should not be visible at the edges.

6. after your finished with the mask, repeat the same steps with the beak. bend the finished beak in half, fit it onto the v-shaped nose part of the body and sew it on from the back.

7. hot glue or sew the feathers onto the mask. if the feathers have thick shafts - trim the feathers and use the top portions only. work from the outer edge first covering the shafts of the previous layer of feathers as you move toward the beak.

8. you can adorn the mask with feathers as you like. you can decorate with feathers on the sides only keeping some of the felt exposed or cover the entire mask with feathers.

9. cut 2 equal pieces of ribbon and sew each piece to the back of the mask around the temple area.

10. your done! wear the mask all by itself or make it part of a crow costume.

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