Thursday, October 7, 2010

wonderfully handmade - spooky halloween invites

these aged paper invites are perfect for any halloween party whether it is a spooky affair for the little ones or a fright fest for the grown ups. they are really fun and simple to create and will surely have all your party guests quivering in anticipation of all the halloween festivities that await.


white cardstock paper
white 6" x 9" envelopes
warm brewed black tea with tea bag reserved
black acrylic glitter paint
iron set on high with steam turned off


1. age the paper - take the tea bag and dip it into the brewed tea. squeeze the tea out of the bag onto a sheet of card stock and move the bag around the paper to spread the tea all around. squeeze some more tea in some areas to make the paper different tones of brown. leave the paper to dry.

2. repeat the process with the rest of the paper and envelopes. when aging the envelopes, stain one side at a time and allow the stained side to dry before staining the other.

3. when the paper and envelopes are dry, press each sheet with a hot iron to flatten. make sure your iron is hot but the steam is turned off.

4. add your information to the templates below and print the invites and the envelopes. ink jet printers work best for this project.

for blank invites click here

***if you would like to use my templates - please email me at and i will gladly email you powerpoint templates for both the invites and envelopes. with my template - all you have to do is input your information and print!

5. adorn the invites by adding a layer of black glitter paint on top of the spider on the invite and bats on the envelope. the glitter is hard to see here but it really makes a big difference in the finished invites.

6. add a stamp and send off into the dark cold night!

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