Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a letter to santa

i heard about you from my brother Nick.
he said that you will bring me lots of presents for Christmas.
under my tree they will appear from nowhere,
just like a rabbit in a magic trick.

i simply cannot wait to find my presents.
all wrapped in shinny paper and adorned with bows.
i hope i get all of the things i wish for,
and don't you worry,
i've been extra good this year,
i only have my list left to compose.

so here it goes, mr. santa,
my wish list for this Christmas day.

first i would like a Trixie Baby Doll from BlaBla,
and a cute clothing set so i can dress her up and play.

the second present on my list,
is something all my dolls can share.
i already own a stroller for my dolls,
but i don't have a high chair for them to sit in when they eat,
or a comfy bed for them to sleep in,
this crib and chair from Land of Nod are the most perfectly matched pair.

the third item on my list is something that i dreamed of for a while,
which will allow me to express myself with paint whenever i want,
and work on developing my very own artistic style.

and since i'll probably make lots of beautiful art,
that surely will require framing,
the fourth item on my Christmas list,
an instant gallery that will have everyone exclaiming!

wow! mr. santa,
it must be really fun to be you,
specially on Christmas Eve,
that's why i kind of want this beard and mustache set from Oeuf Kids,
all of my friends and family will think i am Santa,
i bet i'll look just like you and they will all believe.

ok then mr. santa,
on with my list i go.
the fifth thing that i really want for Christmas,
books which i'll never outgrow.

and since we're talking Dr. Seuss,
i think that i may need,
new sets of alphabet and number cards,
Toby decided to chew them up one day,
without them i surely won't succeed.

i think the seventh item on my list,
should be something to wear,
and there is nothing in the world that makes a girl as happy,
as a gorgeous pair of panther print booties for winter,
nope, nothing else i swear!

but how can you have a new pair of shoes,
without a new one of a kind outfit to match?
i think that i would like a velvet jacket from Bandit Bambi,
i can pretend that i am a Christmas nutcracker,
a couple of shoulder patches left to attach.

since i am a girly girl at heart,
the next present on my list is a silk tutu from Wovenplay.
a matching featherband to adorn my head, i would like too.
both hand-crafted and finished from natural materials,
only the finest couture for this little girl will do.

i think i would also like,
she wears an outfit from Wovenplay as well.
we could match perfectly together,
i think that i will name her my Michelle.

finally mr. santa,
i would appreciate if you bring me,
my very own room all decorated in princess pink,
i don't want you to think i am spoiled.
i really don't want to make a big stink.
but living with Nicky is sometimes fun,
but mostly it's a big pain.
he always want's to lock me out,
i am sure you understand why i complain.

so if you decide to grant my wish and bring me my very own room decorated in princess pink,
just don't forget to include a fantasy coach bed from Posh Tots,
i promise to be extra good till Christmas,
i'll go to bed on time,
you wont even see my eyes blink!

thank you in advance mr. Santa,
for all the things on my list that you will surely bring,
and i will try to make those cookies that you like for Christmas,
and please don't hesitate to let me know,
if you require any other thing!

Monday, November 29, 2010

in my dream closet: fall/winter preview edition

i simply adore Hucklebone's fall/winter 2010 collection. timeless beautiful design, in modern classics. comforting warm hues of rust and berry red in fine baby-cord with tactile honey and raspberry luxe wools. sumptuous inky blue coats, capes and little hats to keep out the chill. a refined take on children's day-wear!

images © hucklebones.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010

and the winner is -

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25 gifts for christmas - awesome book of thanks

i can't really say enough about An Awesome Book of Thanks! the illustrations are vibrant and whimsical and the simple message of thanks, well, it really hits home. the book teaches to be thankful for everything around you! for the good and the bad. for the stars and the sky. for bruises and scrapes and the cars that zoom by. every child should get this book! and for every book that is sold, a book is donated to children in need by the Awesome World Foundation.

3 wonderful things

hand crocheted alpaca butterflies from oeuf . dollhouse from ferm living . set of 5 finger puppets by dwellstudio

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

all i want for christmas is ...

i know that some of you will think that i may be a bit too young for this awesome toy i recently discovered - but i simply do not care if i am not the targeted consumer. all i want for christmas is my own iPhone! have you seen this thing? so many features. so many icons to push. and each one opens a new world of changing images and pictures and videos and songs. i think i have finally found that one thing that has been missing from my life for the last couple of years.

i used to like to play with grandma's phone. i thought the noise the buttons made were fun and exciting. but after experiencing the features on the iPhone - i simply cannot go back to playing with a regular phone. nope! not even grandma's Blackberry compares. every time i get that iPhone in my hands and cannot let it go. mommy and daddy try to take it away from me but they rarely succeed. i usually grip on so tight - they just cannot pry it from my hands. "it's my iPhone!!!" i scream and run away with it where no one can find me. daddy even tried to trick me and lock the iPhone. i wonder if he thought that turning it off would really work? come on now daddy! i am two now and quite technologically savvy if i say so myself. i simply swoosh my little finger from the left side of the screen all the way to the right (as the moving arrow prompts me) and voila! the iPhone is all mine, unlocked and ready for me to enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

in my dream closet: fall/winter preview edition

i love Antik Batik's latest winter collection. it's bright, it's wearable and fun. and this season's are to die for! can you say leopard boots, booties and mary-janes with gorgeous girly details!

images © antik batik

the latest trend - the harem pant

corduroy harem pant from dpam . pearl velvet harem pant from zef . carvane white crape pant from louis louise

bambi harem pant from gold . desert harem jeans from louis louise . pom pom harem pant from noro