Friday, November 12, 2010

all the clever things i said...

i know that i am not the only kid that says curious and funny things. i have a feeling that your kids are just as funny and creative when they open their mouths. and that is why i am really excited about this new DSM feature. share your clever thoughts with me and be featured on the blog. you can share a story or a funny phrase. all you have to do is email your hilarious tale to me at with your pic. i just simply cannot wait to see all the clever things your kids are saying!

here is a sample story from Nini's colorful past -

when Nini was two and a half my family was having a special dinner to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. there was a bottle of Vodka sitting on the table. Nini walked up to a family friend, looked at her while pointing at the bottle, and said, "if you drink vodka, you will croak!"

Nini at 2 1/2


  1. Your blog is so cute! I love the photo in your header. It's just adorable.

    "Out of the mouths of babes" is a favourite topic of mine. We need to be so careful about what they hear!!? My littlest has been wandering around saying "Foxache" for a week and it suddenly occurred to me yesterday just what exactly that meant! x

  2. thanks for stopping by! i am a fan and a follower of yours and hopefully you will become a follower of mine!

    - Sasha