Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i dream of lights giveaway

unfortunately i don't have my own room just yet. that doesn't keep me from dreaming about the magical room that i will one day have, hopefully in the near future. but seriously, i cannot share a room with Nini any longer. everyday i try to go to bed like a good little girl without whining a lot or screaming. but right when i am about to drift off to sleep, Nini barges into the room and starts talking to me. i know you think it's sweet and all that he wants to converse with his baby sister. but let me assure you that Nini has ulterior motives. Nini will do anything to prolong going to bed. anything! even if that means talking to me or singing me songs. he will do anything for a few extra wakeful minutes. talking to me, however, is usually his last resort.

sometimes when i lay in my bed, i close my eyes and picture the dream room that i want to live in. all by myself. with lots of pink accents and frilly girly drapes. and most importantly a beautiful ornate chandelier with hanging crystal tear drops and pearl swags. i think one of these beautiful pieces from Crystorama's Designed with Love collection would fit quite perfectly inside the room i dream of. these fairy tale designs are made from delicate wrought iron frames and a variety of hand painted finishes that can match any girl's room and decor. some of the pieces in the collection are beautifully adorned with clear and pink Murano crystal and multicolored rosettes.

wouldn't you just love to have one of these amazing masterpieces in your room? i know you would! and the generous people at Crystorama would like to make that happen for one special DSM reader. all you have to do is leave a comment telling me where in your room you would hang this gorgeous chandelier or what you like most about the Designed with Love lighting collection?

sutton wrought iron chandelier (retail $299.00)

giveaway open to US residents only and will close at Midnight EST on Tuesday, November 16
one winner will be chosen by random.org and will be announced on this site Wednesday, November 17
please check back to see if you won


  1. Dear Sasha! I have been enjoying your blog for a while now. Our parents have been friends for a few years, yet they so far have neglected to introduce us to each other (you know how they can be!) I have my own purple room with flowers and you are welcome to come and visit and maybe even sleep over any time! We will have a lot of fun and go to bed like good girls without talking too much.

    I would love to enter to win the beautiful chandelier that is being given away on your blog! It will fit in perfectly in my room! My mommy has been thinking of getting me a new light fixture to better suit my personality, and this gorgeous piece from Crystorama would be perfect! If I win, will you come and see it?

    Thank you for keeping this wonderful blog and I hope we finally get to have a playdate.

    Bye, Audrey!

  2. this is a gorgeous light fixture that will look awesome in baby's room!

  3. I would love to win this for my room! I would hang it in the corner above my reading corner. I like to spend a lot of time there, reading. Reading is one of my favorite things. What is your favorite story?



  4. I would love this for my niece's princess room. It looks amazing.

  5. I would love to win this for my granddaughter's room. It's pink and pretty just like this chandelier. If I win I think I will adorn it with strands of pearls and crystal beads.

  6. Dear Sashenka, I think I would hang it in the bathroom, they are so romantic and remind me of relaxation and spa :)

  7. Beautiful pieces! I would hang one in...my kitchen! Sashka, you're a doll!

  8. those are just beautiful! it will add a great beautiful point in my baby Yuna's all white colored room.

  9. I would love this for the girls' modern all white bedroom. Would give the room a touch of whimsy. Great giveaway!

  10. Dear Sasha,
    I would love to put this in my room, right in the middle over my bed! Beautiful! Good giveaway and keep up the blog!!! :)

  11. i wish i can enter to win this one!!!

  12. Dearest Sasha,

    Truly, I feel your pain. Times are a little tough right now and it's not all that easy to qualify for a mortgage right now, especially considering your age. So my professional advice for now, to achieve your goal, is to do what every little girl learns to do sooner or later.... start wrapping daddy around your little pinky... the earlier you start, the quicker your dream will eventuate!


  13. Dear Sasha, one of these pretty chandeliers would be perfect in my room. Mommy and daddy lovingly designed it in shabby chic style and a sparkly chandelier is all that's missing. I'd love to look at it before i fall asleep and dream of sparkly fairies and faraway lands. I have some buddies in my bed, Mishka, Donald, Fifi and some favorite books, and sometimes, when mommy and daddy think i am sleeping, i play with them. A warm glow from one of these chandeliers would be so pretty on Fifi's outfits. Oh, and, I think that my mommy is secretly dying for one of these.
    Love, Emma R.

  14. Sasha, I have an older brother. His favourite thing to do is play with my toys, open my presents, blow the candles out on my cake and play dress up with my tiny hats. It bothers me that I can't get my hands on the things I adore without a big brother battle. Mummy and daddy do a great job of trying to make him understand the need to share and play fair, but he has a cheeky way about him and insists he get his hands on everything first. Ohh how I could win the battle of big bro once and for all with one of these adorable chandeliers. Out of reach and up in the sky, I would ask to have it hanging in my bedroom up high. Too far to snatch too high to grab, this beauty would make his bedroom lighting look drab :-)

    - Maryam