Thursday, November 11, 2010

plain jane

dear mama,

please stop putting stuff in my hair. i used to be ok with bows and headbands and hats but now i cannot stand them!!! i know that my hair is always in my eyes and that my bangs are always stuck together from drowning in whatever it may be that i am eating. but i simply do not care! i rather have sticky honey and yogurt in my hair than a barrette. hair accessories hurt and they annoy me. i simply cannot just sit still anymore and allow you to adorn me like a christmas tree. i am two and unfortunately for you, i now have an opinion on this issue. and i prefer my hair au naturale!

thank you for your cooperation.

i vove you mama!

P.S. i know this breaks your heart and all. accessorizing my hair was one of your favorite pastimes and one of those essential rights that come with having a baby girl. that is why i promise to keep an open mind about my hair and to reevaluate my view from time to time in the future.

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