Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wonderfully handmade - from drab to fab

you can take any drab plain tee and turn it into something fab and one of a kind. here is a simple way you can transform a plain pink $6 shirt from zara kids into a cool and trendy piece only you will have in your dream closet.


a cotton long sleeve tee in your favorite color
an angled paint brush
some black fabric paint
some scrap paper


1. fold one sleeve of the tee so the natural fold on top of the sleeve is in the middle. use the fold as a guide for centering the stars .

2. draw the stars on the sleeve with a regular pencil or with a disappearing fabric marker if you have one. starting from the top with the biggest star. draw the stars smaller in size as you go down the sleeve. if your not conformable with your freehand drawing skills, you can use the stars below. just print them out, cut them out to use as templates.

3. draw some stars on the opposite side of the tee on the torso side. starting with the larger star on the bottom and working your way up toward the sleeve. use the seam to center the stars.

4. fold the scratch paper so it fits inside the sleeve. you want to place the paper between the two layers of fabric to prevent the paint from bleeding through. paint the stars using the angled brush and fabric paint. you can fully cover the stars as i did or you can dry brush them for a more aged artsy look. allow the finished sleeve to dry for a couple of hours or until the paint is no longer tacky before painting the side stars.

5. paint the stars on the side of the torso. allow the paint to dry.
6. enjoy wearing your new one of a kind star tee!

© diaper style memoirs


  1. I love this tee! It is so cute and looks like a pretty easy project to do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! Pink and Black looks great and I love the stars! Sashka Rocks!!!

  3. Shasha looks so cute on mom's handmade tee!

  4. thanks everyone. i have been wearing this tee for 2 days now. even though it has all kinds of stains and caked on food remnants - i do not want to take it off!