Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the good tube

i am not sure who these experts are who say TV is bad for children but i firmly disagree. you know what i learned from TV? my ABCs. yup - as a result of watching very education programs such as Super Why and Word World, i know all my letters and my numbers better than a kindergartner. i can even sing my ABCs! now i can't read, yet. so i am behind those babies i see on commercials. you know, the ones that can barely walk but are able to read words from flash cards. oh well. not everyone can be as brilliant i guess. i am proud of my own achievement though. no one even taught me my ABCs really. just the TV. mommy was really surprised when we were in the elevator a few weeks back and i started pointing to the letters on the posted warrantee and naming them out loud. good surprise right. better than the one i left in the corner a while back! haha!

i hope my brief tale will convince you (and mommy) that TV isn't bad as many try to argue. TV is great! it quiets down cranky children when all else seems to fail. it is a watchful babysitter that doesn't demand a paycheck at the end of the day. and most importantly it's an engaging teacher with vast amount of information to absorb. did you hear that mommy? surely you want me to be smart? right mommy? so let me watch TV! as much TV as my little heart desires!!!

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