Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the goose that stole christmas

i am sure you are all wondering how my Christmas went so here it goes. Santa came back, i think, because in the morning, millions of presents magically appeared under the tree. the weather couldn't of been more perfect. a magical white Christmas! we even listened to some Christmas music and watched a Christmas movie too. at first i was excited to open my presents but the excitement wore off quickly. at least for me. i managed to open two presents. but after a few long, tedious minutes of trying to untie the bows and uncover the boxes underneath all the wrapping paper, i was done. i did get just what i wanted. well some of the the things on my list. a couple of BlaBla dolls and a brand new dress to wear for new years eve. all my other presents Nini opened for me. he was more excited about them than i was i think. i glanced at them for a sec while watching Dora. they all looked nice enough. everyone was a little disappointed by my lack of enthusiasm. but how many presents can a little girl open. i already got the best present from Santa a couple of days ago. my nuki back! and what i really really wanted - my own room and a fantasy carriage bed - Santa obviously forgot to bring. oh and since he also disregarded my request for my own iphone, i had to resort to playing with mommy's. again! that is until Nini opened one of his presents and discovered a brand new DSi inside. so i ditched the phone and played the DSi instead. i haven't seen Mario in such a long time but i still remembered his name.

all went well i guess until it was dinnertime and the Christmas goose was on the table. it looked good enough but sometimes looks can be deceiving. grandpa proudly carved it and served it as well. even i got a piece. i usually love chicken and was excited to bite into this oversized bird.

before i go on with my tale, i would like to assure you that i have all my teeth. they are intact and are very good at breaking down any food i put inside my mouth. even non-food i tell you. one time i decided to chew on a pencil and guess what? i chewed it all the way through to the center. anyway back to my story.

my teeth were no match for the goose. even cut up into small pieces, it was impossible to break down. i am sure the pencil was much more tender than this rubber goose. everyone else had similar trouble. i could tell from all the ridiculous chewing faces around the table. mommy even choked a little. she was really disappointed. apparently she had asked grandma to get two ducks for dinner from the store. grandma must of gotten her bird species mixed up because she returned home with one big goose instead. no ducks! and that rubber goose ended up ruining our perfectly white Christmas!

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