Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i know it's the holiday season and i should be happy but i am not. not at all! the last couple of days have been really unbearable. i lost my nuki and i cannot find it anywhere. it's not under my bed. it's not in my toy box. it's not hiding in the bathroom or the kitchen pantry. it just disappeared into the thin air. i have looked for it everywhere. Nini helped look for it too. no luck! i am beginning to think that someone broke into my house and stole it. probably wrapped it up to give to some baby for Christmas. lucky baby!

i ask mommy where my nuki is all the time. all she does is throw her arms up in the air and says, "i don't know, it's lost." thanks a lot mom! i kinda figured. she doesn't really help me look for it either.

i even had to go to sleep without my nuki for two nights in a row. i cried and screamed for it. i stared at the closed door, wishing and hoping that it would swing wide open and mommy would come in with my nuki in hand. she didn't. i had to hug my teddy really tight and cry myself to sleep. i considered sucking on my finger there for a second but decided against it. it didn't look as appetizing as my beloved nuki. did you know - it had the cutest little pink kitty on it? i miss it so much. i am so depressed and cranky without it. i don't know if my life can go on. the lack of concern from mommy and daddy is puzzling. they are not usually like this. maybe Santa will be more compassionate. do you think he will put a brand new nuki under my tree? i hope it's not too late to revise that letter i wrote him a few days ago.

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