Tuesday, May 17, 2011

it's a new DSM!

DSM has a new look and a new address! me have moved to http://diaperstylememoirs.com/ we can't wait to see you there ;)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

in my dream closet - caramel baby & child

when i did my Playtime roundup post, i completely forgot to include Caramel Baby & Child on my favorites list. i am not sure why it slipped my mind then, but i don't think there is ever a bad time to feature this fantastic English brand. not only are the clothes to die for, Caramel also brings you vintage inspired shoes, toys, books and decor. i love the modern cuts with vintage undertones. the muted fabrics and colors you don't otherwise see in children's fashion. i would have loved to wear these clothes when i was a little girl. and i would get the entire collection for Sasha if i could!

check out the entire collection HERE and share your thoughts with us. what are some of your favorite pieces from Caramel. i think the dresses and the blouses are my favorites. they remind me so much of some of the clothes i used to wear when i was little. a lot more refined and luxurious of course :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

mother's day art (free download) from Maddie and me

there are necklaces and flowers, cards and cupcakes too. so many different ways to tell mom, "i love you!" but my favorite way to show mom how much i care, is to give her a little piece of art and a poem that tells her that she's in my heart and she will always be there!

"mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, their hearts forever." - source unknown

and this little free downloadable art is what the lovely Maddie from Li'l Magoolie and i created for you this mother's day. Maddie is a mum from New Zealand and her awesome blog Li'l Magoolie is one of my all time favorite daily reads! so much fun things to look at and so much inspiration to be had. i have been a fan for a while and was beyond excited to collaborate on this project with her. i hope you like it as much as we do. i am sharing with you the little boy version of the download and Maddie is sharing the little girl version on Li'l Magoolie. feel free to download both, frame them and give them to your mom for her special day.

thanks Maddie for this awesome collaboration!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

francis "the fanciful" fox

© diaper style memoirs

this is Francis "the fanciful" fox! she is a lover of all things fashionable. she is one stylish fox! she loves to mix vintage with current trends and she adores her number one accessory - her pet bunny Flopsy. Wolfie is Francis' main squeeze. find out what Francis and Wolfie are wearing in the new issue of Babiekins Magazine out now ;)

3 wonderful things - the babiekins edition

ok, i am sure you have noticed that the blog has been at a stand still for a couple of days. i was hoping everything would be up and running by Monday but unfortunately technical difficulties have made the process of moving to Wordpress a little lengthier than i had expected. so unfortunately you will have to wait a few more days before the unveiling of the new and improved DSM. but i hope the end result will be worth the wait. although i was supposed to wait to post, i am going to do so anyway because i have so much exciting things to share. the new Babiekins is out and i am so excited for you to see it. it was a blast putting it together and also contributing some of my own little art. there are so many great things to see in Issue 5 but i am only going to give you a little peek here with 3 wonderful things. i hope you like the issue. let us know what you think ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

gone guest posting!

happy friday everyone! i had such a cute DIY invite post scheduled for today but unfortunately you are going to have to wait until Monday to see it. see, as usual, i was working on some crafty little project for the blog and in order to make sure that the kids din't get to it and make it their own little project, i hid it far, far away. so far in fact, that i cannot remember where that far, far away is. i have searched all my usual hiding places to no avail. so i had to start from scratch ;( that's ok though, it gives me the chance to work on any necessary improvements. for now i welcome you to catch up on this week's posts, my contributory posts on Little Miss Heirlooms and Spearmint Baby and my Chicago City Guide guest post on Babycchino Kids, one of my all time favorite blogs! Please don't forget to cast a vote for us for Top 25 Style blogs for kids on the Circle of Mom's website ;) Have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. when you come back Monday you might see a whole new Diaper Style Memoirs! fingers crossed ;) and a new Issue of Babiekins Magazine as well. EEEEK! i can't hold back the excitement!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i am shopping here - matilde beldroega

i am sure if you are a regular reader of Diaper Style Memoirs, you are already familiar with my obsession with dolls. specially hand made, one of a kind creations like the ones i am featuring today. i am sure this obsession comes from the fact that i only had a handful of dolls to play with when i was a little girl in Ukraine. i remember my favorite one was a tiny little rubber baby doll. i carried her everywhere with me, i crocheted clothes for her and made a dollhouse from an old shoe box for her to live in. she even had a table in her kitchen i made from a match box and little plates to eat from i cut out from old plastic pill containers. i also remember making dolls from corn husks when my grandma's corn fields were in bloom. i never dreamed of ever having dolls like the ones i am featuring today by a Portuguese artist named Rita Pinheiro. maybe that's why i am on a mission to create this one of a kind collection for Sasha. or maybe it's really for me since i don't really let her play with all my favorites? not yet ;)

i just adore Rita's Etsy shop Matilde Beldroega. i love all her dolls. their unique eyes and the facial expressions. i am smitten with the colors and the fabrics that she uses. i also adore the fact that she makes some boy dolls as well. how charming is the bearded man? here are just some of my favorites.

images © matilde beldroega

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 piece - 5 Looks - denim vest for girls

and the winner is ...

congrats Coolkids! please email me to claim your prize. thank you all for participating in this awesome giveaway. come back soon for another great contest. thanks for reading DSM!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little peek at babiekins issue 5!

i don't know about you, but i cannot wait until the latest issue of Babiekins Magazine comes out May 2. i know it's going to be best issue yet. a little birdie told me so ;) so much cute stuff inside i know you are going to love it! here is a little teaser for you to get you all hyped for the release. check out the previous issues if you're new to this lovely children's mag. and don't forget to vote for Babiekins Blog for the Top 25 Kids Style Blogs!

3 wonderful things - oh deer!

Monday, April 25, 2011

if i had a dream room it would look like ...

sasha's diary - i say tomato you say ....

i am not sure if i told you about Eve yet, but she is my bff. my bestest friend. we are almost the same age. i am two months older though and thus more mature. anyway, we have had wonderful times together - playing at Gymboree, building Legos and holding hands. our relationship however, is not always a bed of roses. we have ups and we have downs. probably more downs that ups really. most of the time when we get together, a war ensues. it's always over the silliest of things but we both cannot help it. we are just two fiery little girls. i say, "it's my scooter." she doesn't listen and screams back, "no it's Evies." i mean there is no reasoning with her sometimes. and last time we got together for a play date, our relationship hit a new low - it turned to violence. Eve swung at me and i swung back. i screamed. she screamed. we both started crying uncontrollably. we were pulled apart and put in separate corners to cool off. even from far away, she kept on swinging. but after all the abuse, after all the drama, when we were leaving to go home, i didn't want to go. "i wanni play with baby Eve," i said still whimpering. "no wanni go home!" but we went home anyway.

yesterday a huge surprise. baby Eve came over for dinner. i was so excited to see her. we actually were fine for a couple of minutes and then another war. this one was the worst one yet. over another silly thing. she was coloring and said something about a ball, "it's my papa!" i looked at her and said, "it's my pall!" the screamed back, "it's my papa!" and i, "it's my pall!" the screaming escalated, her daddy even tried to hold her back. she started swinging. you should have seen the rage, "its my papa" she kept on yelling. i answered every time, "it's my pall!" it was terrible i tell you. Nini started running around suggesting everyone go home. why go home, i didn't understand. all Eve had to do is admit the ball is Sasha's! that's all! instead she kept on screaming, "it's my papa!" but you know what? even after yesterday's fiasco, i cannot wait to see baby Eve again! i think i love her!