Monday, January 31, 2011

dreaming of spring

dress by janie & jack . headband from j.crew

i am shopping here - atpalicis

last time i was wasting away countless hours on Etsy, i came across these breathtaking illustrations from Atpalicis. it was love at first sight. the colors, the artwork, the dreamy characters! i want to get the entire collection of prints, frame them in vintage white frames and hang them all over the walls of a dreamy, white sun filled room. just gorgeous!

images © atpalicis

3 wonderful things - furry friends

Sunday, January 30, 2011

security measures

you know how the iphone has the little slide icon with the arrow that magically makes all the other icons appear when you slide your little finger across? the icon that any 1.5 year old can figure out how to use? yeah that one. well for the longest time that is all i had to do to get to where i really wanted to go - YOUTUBE! have you heard of this amazing app? i simply cannot live without it. every video you ever wanted to see at your finger tips. Dora, Diego, Pocoyo, Gummibear, etc. everything!

anyway, a few days ago everything changed! when i got my hands on the iphone and slid my little finger across the arrow icon, a new screen appeared. it had numbers and blank buttons on it. what? i panicked and began to press on any number in hopes of getting passed this screen. i pressed and the phone vibrated and said something in red on top. instead of letting me go on to the next screen, it kept reloading the same number button screen. "noooooooooooo! my iphone," i screamed and ran to mommy. "i wanni ABC, my iphone," i told her. she kept on saying no. telling me false stories about how it was out of battery or something. talk about telling lies. and they wonder where Nini and i get this habit from. even i know that when the iphone is dead, the screen turns black and the only way to make the pictures appear is to plug it into the wall. so i screamed some more. i cried. i pulled on mommy. i did everything i could. finally mommy gave in and took the phone into her hands. she slid her finger across the arrow and the number screen appeared once again. and then she took her index finger and pressed 2. followed by 030 and the phone unlocked. aaahhhhhhhhhh! i heard the angels singing. i swiped my iphone from her hands, said in a sweet little voice, "i wove you too mommy," and ran off as far as i possibly could. to a nice cozy corner in my room. yes! Dora, Diego and my ABC were at my finger tips yet again.

a few days passed. each time i watched mommy key in the magic numbers. with these new security measures in place, mommy didn't even hide the iphone anymore as usual. she left it out laying in plain view. i bet it was because she thought i couldn't open it. ok mommy. whatever makes you feel secure about your iphone. haha! so yesterday, i pulled a chair up to the counter, grabbed the phone in my hands and ran off to my usual corner. i closed the door behind me. i covered myself with my blanket and slid my little finger across the arrow key. the pesky number screen appeared. but i didn't panic. i simply pressed 2030 and the world was mine!!! hahaha!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

in my dream closet - bobo choses

i simply love Bobo Choses. this Spanish brand's clothing is modern and simple and clean. but most of all - it is fun! the brand's spring/summer collection is as charming as ever with playful prints and colors! love, love, love!

images ©

the chocolate goldmine

today i woke up extra early. no one was happy about it. by no one i mean Nini and mommy. daddy, who woke me up with all the noise he was making, of course left and didn't have to deal with me wanting apple juice, Dora, pee pee potty, etc. at 6 o'clock in the morning. Nini managed to fall back asleep even though i was screaming in his ear to get up. mommy, with her eyes barely opened, got up, took me potty and got me some juice. but then informed me that it was too early for Dora. she said Dora wasn't on just yet. right! Dora is always on ON DEMAND! but whatever, i have to chose my battles wisely so i decided to let the Dora thing go for a while. normally i would have thrown a small scale tantrum just to get my way. i cuddled next to mommy on the couch holding my juice instead. then mommy fell asleep and the whole house was mine!!!!! i walked around a bit. looking for some toy to play with or something else to do to occupy my time. i didn't see anything too exciting. nothing at my eye level anyway. so i decided to go to the kitchen and pull a chair up to the counter and climb on top. mommy doesn't like it too much when i do this. but oh well - she feel asleep!

anyway - the counters are a sure thing when it comes to discovering awesome things to play with. did i mention my love for the sink? i can spend hours at the sink, pretending to wash the dishes, pouring out dish soap and generally just making a huge wet mess. this doesn't happen often but when it does, no other activity compares. but today i didn't even consider the sink. because when i climbed up on the chair i saw it! a mirage i thought at first. it couldn't be. but it was really real and right in front of me within arm's reach. A CHOCOLATE GOLDMINE! an opened bar of yummy sweet creamy chocolate. i couldn't resist. i grabbed a piece in my hand and stuffed it in my mouth. oh yum! i shook my head from side to side, i closed my eyes and mumbled, "ooh chocalate, oooh delishious chocalate, yummy!" i finished off one chunk and quickly filled my mouth up with another. i ate all that was left. every last yummy crumble. and then for some reason i got a little worried. i am not sure why. a little voice in my head told me to take the wrappers and throw them away. so i picked up all the wrappers, climbed down to the ground, opened the door under the sink, and tossed the evidence right in the trash bin. i even moved the chair away from the scene and went into my room to play. i did it! i ate all the chocolate and got away scot-free. i believed i did!

i thought i was so slick when i ran to mommy when she finally opened her eyes. "hi mommy, i wove you too mommy." i hugged her and planted a huge kiss on her face. only when i pulled away, i noticed brown smudges all over. ooops! i was caught red handed. well, more like chocolate faced. just when i thought i had pulled off the perfect chocolate crime. whatever my punishment will be, no matter how much time i have to spend alone in time out, it was well worth it. and since there is chocolate remnants still all over my face, i will be able to savor that sweet creamy taste while serving my sentence!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

awesome giveaway - butterfly craze

here is your chance to win this amazing Chantella dress from Butterfly Craze and turn your little one into a fairy tale princess. it has everything a little girl dreams about - flowers, pearls and oodles of magical strands of tulle. it's definitely a piece to twirl about! play dress up or use as inspiration for a perfectly themed princess soiree. will be having a special flash sale featuring various gorgeous pieces from Butterfly Craze on February 3rd and to get you all excited for the event, they are giving away a Chantella dress to one lucky DSM reader.

To Enter: you must be a follower of Diaper Style Memoirs blog. If you are already a follower just leave a comment below telling me who is your/your daughter's favorite fairy princess.

Extra Entries: like DSM on Facebook, like Modnique on Facebook or follow me on twitter. leave a comment for each action.

Details: the giveaway is open to US residents only and will close Midnight CST on Tuesday, February 1. a winner will be chosen by and announced here on Wednesday, February 2. please check back to see if you won. the winner will get a choice of color (white/pink) and size (1-8yr).

good luck!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

liar, liar, pants on fire

so i recently discovered that if i say certain things that i don't really intend to follow though on, i can get what i want in situations that i would otherwise consider lost causes. example - a couple of nights ago, i went to sleep. well actually i was put into my bed against my will by my daddy and left there all alone to cry myself to sleep. i just don't understand why i have to be the first one to bed every night? it's not like i have to go to school in the morning like Nini! anyway, i really really did not want to go to sleep. so i called out for daddy first. nothing. then for my mommy. no response. and then for Nini. the door remained closed. i think i even mentioned grandma's name as a last resort. i am not sure why, but i really thought that she would hear me and come to my rescue. no such luck. so i laid in bed for a while staring at the ceiling. i had a little conversation with my bear and my monkey too. i still wasn't ready to sleep. so i got up, threw one leg over the railing and tried to lift myself up and push my body over. well, i tried. i was able to make it half way and then, i got scared. so i just hung there for a while with one leg on one side of the railing and one on the other side. straddling it and pondering just what to do. i panicked but then decided to rock my body back and forth in hopes of falling back onto the bed. i did, phew! but soon after, i found myself just where i was before. wide awake in bed. only now i was even more wired up from my near death experience. argh!

just when i thought that was it for my night, something happened. my mouth opened and i screamed out loud, "daddy, i wanni pee pee potty! daddy, i wanni pee pee potty!" the door swung open, the lights went on and daddy appeared in the doorway. he picked me up and put me on the floor and said, "ok sashok, let's go potty." "sure daddy," i assured him and made a beeline for the living room. i was so fast, he didn't even have the chance to think about what just happened. i ran into the living room, past the couch, around the couch, hysterically laughing along the way. daddy could not believe it. he got duped! by his sweet little lying baby girl. of course the fun didn't last long. i was caught, escorted to the bathroom and put on the potty. i pushed really hard to get a droplet out just so i wouldn't look like a liar. and i did. "pee pee in the potty daddy," i assured him once more as i tilted my head to the side and smiled. i even batted my eyes. he shook his head an cracked a smile right back at me. i knew right then, that this was a trick i can pull off on more than just this one occasion. at least with daddy. oh what a sap, my daddy. i bet you he believes in fairy tales and easter bunnies too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

all the clever things i said...

"at the restaurant"

B: nick, what would you like to eat from my menu?
N: a sandwich
B: that will be $10 (holds out her hand)
N: (slaps her hand)
B: what was that?
N: a fake $10.00
B: here! (gets upset, slaps his hand back, turns on her heel and leaves)
N: what was that?
B: fake money, fake sandwich!

share your funny stories with me! send in your kid tales to with a pic and be featured on DSM.

3 wonderful things

Friday, January 21, 2011

the latest trend - blazers & oxfords

birthday flowers

a little summer in the midst of winter. it is -15 degrees outside in Chicago! brrrrrrrrrrr it's cold!

surprise, surprise

yesterday was mommy's birthday and Nini planned a surprise party for her. he even called grandpa in the morning before school and asked him to get balloons. he got daddy to buy lots of flowers and to invite the guests. the only problem was - no one informed me!

when it was time Nini made mommy wait in her room for the surprise. i was just moping around the living room not really expecting much. then a knock on the door. the guests arrived. i was so excited to see my "aunt" Tanya. i started screaming, "Tanya, Tanya." over and over again. everyone was saying "shhhh, shhhh" but i couldn't understand why? no one was sleeping. we have guests. so i disregarded their directions and continued to scream out Tanya's name. then they all hid behind curtains and doors in an attempt to disappear, i think. i was left alone in the middle of the room all confused. then Nini went to get mommy. she walked into the living room and everyone jumped out like some kind of wild animals and screamed, "Happy Birthday!" what? i was so stunned, i didn't say much at all. Nini asked mommy if she liked her surprise and of course she said, "yes!" but for some reason he wasn't convinced by her giddy response. so he turned to me and accused me of ruining the entire thing. aparantly i spoiled the surprise by yelling out Tanya's name over and over. Nini assumed that mommy heard me. of course! as always i am to blame. mommy might not have been so surprised but i sure was when Tanya walked through the door. and maybe next time if Nini doesn't want me to ruin the surprise, he should let me in on the secret!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

polka dots, stripes and cries

polka dot sweater and stripped dress from j.crew . scarf and bracelet from gymboree . skirt from room seven . leggings from paper wings . booties from du pareil au meme