Wednesday, January 5, 2011

battling grandmas

so you know how Baba Lida stormed off a few days ago? well i have been feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing. my part in it that is. i am not responsible for Nini's nerf gun war shenanigans. i only feel bad about being so cold and unwelcoming. and for saying "it hurts" every time she came near. Baba Lida was upset about it too. she told mommy that she thinks that i hate her and that i look at her as a stranger. well of course she is kind of a stranger. i only met her like two weeks ago. anyway, the situation with Baba Lida and i was strained as it is, but then yesterday it got even worse when Baba Lida decided to call my other grandma Tamara in Ukraine and wish her a happy new year. after exchanging customary well wishes the conversation turned to Nini and i and how we have been treating Baba Lida. although she mentioned the nerf war, she assured Tamara that Nini was warm and more than welcoming to her. he hugged her and sat next to her at times and even attempted to converse with her in russian on several occasions. then it was time to discuss our sour relationship. Baba Lida told Tamara all her woes. how i don't want to be next to her and how i don't like her at all. Tamara listened and quickly responded in typical Ukrainian grandma fashion, "your probably right, she doesn't like you! but she loves me! when i was there she was always alone with me, playing with me, she even ran to me when her mom and dad were around!"

first of all, i was barely one and a half back then when she came to visit. and from what i recall it took me like a month to stop weeping when she tried to hold me. and finally, there was absolutely never a time when i chose to run to her over mommy or daddy. never!

anyway back to my story. so instead of making Lida feel better about the whole situation, Tamara made her feel even worse. as the conversation progressed Tamara continued on telling Lida inaccurate tales of affection based on false memories and fantastical beliefs. assuring Baba Lida that she, not Lida, is the better grandma who has earned more love from me. of course Baba Lida could not live knowing that she is dead last in my hierarchy of love and affection so she decided to give baby sitting yet another try.

this time i decided to be nice. i don't know what changed but as soon as Baba Lida walked through the door, i ran to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. we played a little. and i didn't even throw a fit when mommy left. and then when Lida was leaving, i ran up to her again and gave her another hug and kiss. and than i said, "bye, bye Lida. i wove you Lida." Baba Lida almost fainted from happiness. she stood there with tears in her eyes, panting waiting for the excitement to wear off so she can put her boots on. i am not sure what happened next, but i wouldn't be surprised if an exchange of love stories followed between both grandmas. i wonder who came out on top? oh and thank god, my Baba Raya wasn't part of this battle. i simply cannot kiss another grumpy wrinkly face.

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