Friday, January 28, 2011

the chocolate goldmine

today i woke up extra early. no one was happy about it. by no one i mean Nini and mommy. daddy, who woke me up with all the noise he was making, of course left and didn't have to deal with me wanting apple juice, Dora, pee pee potty, etc. at 6 o'clock in the morning. Nini managed to fall back asleep even though i was screaming in his ear to get up. mommy, with her eyes barely opened, got up, took me potty and got me some juice. but then informed me that it was too early for Dora. she said Dora wasn't on just yet. right! Dora is always on ON DEMAND! but whatever, i have to chose my battles wisely so i decided to let the Dora thing go for a while. normally i would have thrown a small scale tantrum just to get my way. i cuddled next to mommy on the couch holding my juice instead. then mommy fell asleep and the whole house was mine!!!!! i walked around a bit. looking for some toy to play with or something else to do to occupy my time. i didn't see anything too exciting. nothing at my eye level anyway. so i decided to go to the kitchen and pull a chair up to the counter and climb on top. mommy doesn't like it too much when i do this. but oh well - she feel asleep!

anyway - the counters are a sure thing when it comes to discovering awesome things to play with. did i mention my love for the sink? i can spend hours at the sink, pretending to wash the dishes, pouring out dish soap and generally just making a huge wet mess. this doesn't happen often but when it does, no other activity compares. but today i didn't even consider the sink. because when i climbed up on the chair i saw it! a mirage i thought at first. it couldn't be. but it was really real and right in front of me within arm's reach. A CHOCOLATE GOLDMINE! an opened bar of yummy sweet creamy chocolate. i couldn't resist. i grabbed a piece in my hand and stuffed it in my mouth. oh yum! i shook my head from side to side, i closed my eyes and mumbled, "ooh chocalate, oooh delishious chocalate, yummy!" i finished off one chunk and quickly filled my mouth up with another. i ate all that was left. every last yummy crumble. and then for some reason i got a little worried. i am not sure why. a little voice in my head told me to take the wrappers and throw them away. so i picked up all the wrappers, climbed down to the ground, opened the door under the sink, and tossed the evidence right in the trash bin. i even moved the chair away from the scene and went into my room to play. i did it! i ate all the chocolate and got away scot-free. i believed i did!

i thought i was so slick when i ran to mommy when she finally opened her eyes. "hi mommy, i wove you too mommy." i hugged her and planted a huge kiss on her face. only when i pulled away, i noticed brown smudges all over. ooops! i was caught red handed. well, more like chocolate faced. just when i thought i had pulled off the perfect chocolate crime. whatever my punishment will be, no matter how much time i have to spend alone in time out, it was well worth it. and since there is chocolate remnants still all over my face, i will be able to savor that sweet creamy taste while serving my sentence!

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