Tuesday, January 25, 2011

liar, liar, pants on fire

so i recently discovered that if i say certain things that i don't really intend to follow though on, i can get what i want in situations that i would otherwise consider lost causes. example - a couple of nights ago, i went to sleep. well actually i was put into my bed against my will by my daddy and left there all alone to cry myself to sleep. i just don't understand why i have to be the first one to bed every night? it's not like i have to go to school in the morning like Nini! anyway, i really really did not want to go to sleep. so i called out for daddy first. nothing. then for my mommy. no response. and then for Nini. the door remained closed. i think i even mentioned grandma's name as a last resort. i am not sure why, but i really thought that she would hear me and come to my rescue. no such luck. so i laid in bed for a while staring at the ceiling. i had a little conversation with my bear and my monkey too. i still wasn't ready to sleep. so i got up, threw one leg over the railing and tried to lift myself up and push my body over. well, i tried. i was able to make it half way and then, i got scared. so i just hung there for a while with one leg on one side of the railing and one on the other side. straddling it and pondering just what to do. i panicked but then decided to rock my body back and forth in hopes of falling back onto the bed. i did, phew! but soon after, i found myself just where i was before. wide awake in bed. only now i was even more wired up from my near death experience. argh!

just when i thought that was it for my night, something happened. my mouth opened and i screamed out loud, "daddy, i wanni pee pee potty! daddy, i wanni pee pee potty!" the door swung open, the lights went on and daddy appeared in the doorway. he picked me up and put me on the floor and said, "ok sashok, let's go potty." "sure daddy," i assured him and made a beeline for the living room. i was so fast, he didn't even have the chance to think about what just happened. i ran into the living room, past the couch, around the couch, hysterically laughing along the way. daddy could not believe it. he got duped! by his sweet little lying baby girl. of course the fun didn't last long. i was caught, escorted to the bathroom and put on the potty. i pushed really hard to get a droplet out just so i wouldn't look like a liar. and i did. "pee pee in the potty daddy," i assured him once more as i tilted my head to the side and smiled. i even batted my eyes. he shook his head an cracked a smile right back at me. i knew right then, that this was a trick i can pull off on more than just this one occasion. at least with daddy. oh what a sap, my daddy. i bet you he believes in fairy tales and easter bunnies too.


  1. You crack me up! You are a little stinker Sasha!

  2. Oh my! Sasha your so funny! You have a really sweet and adorable blog!
    And your mom is such an amazing illustrator! WOW!