Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nobody loves us

Nini and i take showers all the time. we brush our teeth almost every morning. my point here is - we don't smell! at least i don't sense any foul odors. we love our family and our grandparents. so why they don't love us back is baffling. they never want to come and visit and any mention of babysitting sends them into an excuse frenzy. so what if we are a bit rambunctious? so what if Nini gets mad and throws fits all the time. i understand that my constant cries may be a bit much for some to handle. but family? aren't they supposed to be the tolerant ones? the most understanding of all the people? and isn't this what all children do?

i get poor Baba Lida who's probably too old to deal with our over the top personalities. but grandma and grandpa? they are only in their mid-50s or something. shouldn't they want to spend as much time with us as humanly possible? don't most grandparents look forward to grandchildren and simply cannot wait to dedicate their lives to them? and since when do grandparents get to decide anyway? i thought they simply take the kids whenever the parents hand them over and care for them until the parents decide to take them back. a week or two is the standard, i think. that's what grandpa and grandma did when mommy was little. but now that their turn has come - they claim they are way to busy living their young lives. oh and grandpa says he simply doesn't have the patience he once had for cries and screams and children in general. he loves us and all but from a distance. and the longer the distance the more affection he has.

yesterday mommy asked him to come by and sit with us for a mere 20 minutes. so she can run to the craft store and pick up some supplies. "no, no, no!" grandpa answered, "i'll go to the craft store myself. you just tell me what it is that you need." and then he called complaining about how it was taking him forever to go through the isles and find the supplies and how expensive the stuff that she wanted was. when mommy told him that he could have stayed with us instead and saved his money, grandpa quickly responded, "i'd rather spend the $50."

and than there is uncle Yev. my one and only favorite uncle. oh how Nini loves him and looks up to him. but every time mommy calls and asks him to babysit us or simply come by and visit, he answers, "why do you insist on ruining my life?" he is 25 and single!

daddy's mom too, my Baba Tamara. she'd rather remain back in Ukraine, without running water or heat in below zero temperatures than come for a prolonged visit. last time she came was over a year ago and she vowed never to return on her way out of the door. she is kinda old though. maybe two months with us in close quarters is a bit much for a old lady with high blood pressure? i am not sure but i am beginning to think that nobody loves us? how could they not though? look how cute the two of us are!


  1. you two are adorable! I would watch you!:)

  2. this is rather horrible!
    I find myself lucky, my in-laws steals mine for whole weekends!

  3. lucky you Andreann! we really didn't luck out in the "permanent babysitter" deparment ;) but we love them anyway!

    thanks for reading!