Tuesday, January 4, 2011

oh, to be loved

i just love my daddy! i have always been fond of him of course but lately i just want to be by his side all day long. when i wake up in the morning the first thing i ask is, "where is daddy? daddy sleeping?" i do have to admit that some of this new found love is attributed to the fact that daddy always has his iphone by his side. he is very OCD when it comes to his alarm. he is very punctual my daddy. he can not stand being late. so my goal in the morning is to wake up before him and catch him while he is still sleeping. i run to his bed and jump on him. i tell him that i love him. and then i snatch the iphone from the bed and say, "ooh, daddy's iphone! muah, muah, daddy! i wanni see Dora daddy." and he will always unlock it for me just so he can be left in peace to sleep a while longer. he is so nice my daddy. not like my mommy, who always takes the phone away and tries to tell me lies about the battery not working! maybe if she would let me play with he iphone, i would love her just as much as i love daddy. maybe?

i know mommy is jealous of all the new love and affection i have for my daddy. i guess i can see her frustration. it's not like daddy carried me inside his tummy for over nine months. it's not like he got fat as a result or experienced irreparable damage to his body. his ankles didn't swell. he didn't have difficulties breathing. and he is not the one who, till this day, leaks a little every time he lets out a big sneeze! furthermore, daddy wasn't the one who breast fed me and gained even more weight while trying to consume enough to make fatty, nutrient-filled milk. daddy didn't get up at least twice every night for 375 days straight. but who remembers all those things anyway? that was like over two years ago. i barely can recall where i placed my teddy bear today. so get over it mommy! you know just what to do to win my loving back! it starts with i and ends with phone. and you already own one.

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